Duncan Stewart (British diplomat)

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Duncan George Stewart
Second Governor of Sarawak
In office
14 November 1949 – 10 December 1949
Monarch King George VI
Preceded by Charles Arden-Clarke
Succeeded by Sir Anthony Abell
Personal details
Born 1904
Transvaal, South Africa
Died 10 December 1949 (Aged 45)

Duncan George Stewart (1904-1949) was a British colonial administrator. He was later mortally wounded in an assassination by Rosli Dhobie on 3 November 1949, in Sibu, Sarawak.

Little is known about Stewart. He was born in Transvaal, South Africa, schooled at Winchester College and later earned his BA from Oriel College, Oxford. He was married and had three children.[1]


He joined the Colonial Administration Service (CAS) in 1928, and had held positions as District Officer at Oya Territory, Nigeria, Colonial Secretary in the Bahamas, Secretary of Finance in Mandatory Palestine, and Secretary of the Governorial Conference in South Africa.

His service record was viewed as exceptional, and because of that, he was later announced as the new Governor and Commander-in-Chief for Sarawak by Lord Listowel, Minister of State for Colonial Affairs, to replace Charles Arden-Clarke, who was later posted as the Governor-General of Gold Coast.


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