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For the British diplomat, see Duncan Taylor (diplomat).
A single malt scotch produced by Duncan Taylor's Battlehill line from cask purchased from the Jura distillery.

Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky is an independent Scotch whisky bottler located in Huntly, part of Speyside.


Some Duncan Taylor & Co brands have received awards in various editions of Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.[citation needed]

A North British 1978, cask Q247, 54.7% abv from the Rare Auld range received a "Liquid Gold Award" in the 2010 Whisky Bible (awards are granted to any whiskies which score 94 or above out of a maximum 100 points).[citation needed] The single cask grain whisky was also rated "Scotch Grain of the Year".[citation needed]

Based on ratings by blind tasting panels, Duncan Taylor & Co was awarded the "Independent Bottlers of Year" award from Whisky Magazine[1] in 2006 (Highlands, Lowlands & Blended categories),[1] 2007 (Lowlands),[2] 2008 (Lowlands),[3] and 2011 (Islay).[4]


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