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Duncan James Williamson (11 April 1928, Loch Fyneside, near Furnace, Argyll - 8 November 2007) was a Scottish storyteller and singer, and a member of the Scottish Traveller community.[1]



  • Fireside Tales of the Traveller Children (1983)
  • The Broonie, Silkies and Fairies (1985)
  • Tell Me a Story for Christmas (1987)
  • with Linda Williamson; A Thorn in the King's Foot: Folktales of the Scottish Travelling People (1987) (introduction by Hamish Henderson)
  • May the Devil Walk Behind Ye! (1989)
  • Don't Look Back Jack!: Scottish Travellers' Tales (1990)
  • The Genie and the Fisherman (1991)
  • Tales of the Seal People (1992)
  • The Horsieman: Memories of a Traveller 1928-1958 (1994) (Autobiography)
  • Rabbit's Tail (1996)
  • The King and the Lamp (2000)
  • The Land of the Seal People (2010) (Expanded edition of Tales of the Seal People, edited by Linda Williamson.)
  • Jack and the Devil's Purse (2011) (Expanded edition of May the Devil Walk Behind Ye!, edited by Linda Williamson.)


  • Put Another Log on the Fire (1994)
  • Travellers Tales: Volume 1 2001/2
  • travellers Tales: Volume 2 2001/2

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