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Dunedin Academic Press Ltd (Dunedin) is a small independent academic publisher in Edinburgh, Scotland. It publishes mostly in book form for tertiary level (undergraduate university) and for postgraduate/research audiences. Some books of more general interest appeal to non-specialist adults interested in learning more about geology and allied subjects where Graham Park's Introducing Geology now in its Second Edition,[1] is a notable success.

The company publishes about twenty new titles each year. It has developed strong lists in the fields of Earth Science, Education (Policy & Practice), Health & Social Care and in comparative religion with the Understanding Faith series.[2] It is also developing a list of singing texts by teachers of singing, including The Student Voice (2010)[3] and The Human Nature of the Singing Voice (2007).[4]

Dunedin is distributed in North America by International Specialized Book Services[5] and in Australasia by Inbooks.[6] Dunedin Academic Press is a member of Publishing Scotland, the network body for the publishing industry in Scotland .[7]


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