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Dunlop Slazenger was a sports equipment manufacturing company formed by BTR plc by consolidating the various sports brands acquired as part their take-over of Dunlop Holdings in 1985.[1] The company is most recognised for its involvement in golf, tennis, squash and badminton through the Dunlop, Slazenger, Maxfli and Carlton brands.

In 1996 the company was sold in a management buyout backed by private equity firm Cinven.[2] This arrangement did not have a successful existence, and Dunlop Slazenger soon found itself being run by the banks, led by The Royal Bank of Scotland.[3] Under the banks management, TaylorMade-adidas Golf took up their option to purchase the Maxfli golf brand in 2004, following a previous licensing arrangement,[4] and the rights to Slazenger Golf in North America were sold to the Slazenger Golf Products Company.[5]

The remainder of Dunlop Slazenger was eventually sold to Sports World International in 2004, since when the various brands have been licensed freely.[6]

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