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Duqm is located in Oman
Location in Oman
Coordinates: 19°39′42″N 57°42′17″E / 19.66167°N 57.70472°E / 19.66167; 57.70472
Country  Oman
Region Al Wusta Region (Oman)
Wilayat Duqm

Duqm (Arabic: الدقم‎) is a port town on the Arabian Sea, in central-eastern Oman. The town is currently experiencing significant development, growing from about 5100 in 2008 to over 11,200 people in 2010,[1] and the Oman Tourism Development Company is looking to develop it into a resort, aiming to increase its population to 100,000 by 2020.

History and economy[edit]

Duqm was a small fishing settlement of the Janubah tribe on the coast of southern Oman,[1] when a party of soldiers of the Muscat and Oman Field Force and geologists of Petroleum Development Oman landed in February 1954 to begin the modern oil exploration of central Oman.[2][3]

Today it is an industrial oil town with a notable port, and the town has been looking to increase tourism in the area with the Oman Tourism Development Company, and is now central to the state's development goals, with a 25-year plan formulated in 1995 to increase its population to 100,000 by 2020.[4] The port has undergone development and a shipbuilding facility to facilitate the port was built; development has been ongoing by the Jan De Nul Group, improving the breakwaters and quay walls.[5] In March 2005, Oman's Ministry of Transport and Communications awarded the Parsons Corporation a contract to study and design a new Duqm Jaaluni Airport in hopes of increasing tourism. Oman Air has begun services at the airport on July 23, 2014.[6] The planned Oman Railways project will also include a link to Duqm Port.[7]In 2008, Intercontinental Hotels announced they were to build a 213-room hotel - Crowne Plaza Duqm.[8] A coal-fired power plant has also been approved in Duqm with the aim of reducing dependency on natural gas, and Oman has formed a $2 billion deal with the South Koreans to facilitate it.[9][10]

According to The Economist, "If Duqm took off, sleepy Oman might—say the planners—challenge nearby Dubai’s dominance as the region’s trading hub" with a geographically favourable location that links to Asia, Europe and Arabia, that also avoids the tensions of the nearby Persian Gulf.[11]

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Coordinates: 19°39′42″N 57°42′17″E / 19.66167°N 57.70472°E / 19.66167; 57.70472