Duquesne Brewing Company

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This article is about the current Duquesne Brewing Company. For the incarnation that existing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1899-1972, please see Duquesne Brewing Company (1899-1972)
Duquesne Brewing Company
Location Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Opened 2008 (2008) – present
Owner(s) Mark Dudash
Website www.duquesnebeer.com
Active beers
Name Type
Duquesne Pilsener (Pilsner)

Duquesne Brewing Company is a brewing company based in Latrobe. The name was revived from the defunct Duquesne Brewing Company that closed in 1972.


Some of the newly re-established Duquesne Bottling Company's first batch of Duquesne Pilsener Beer released in early August, 2010.

In June 2010, Pittsburgh-area attorney Mark J. Dudash announced plans to resurrect the Duquesne Beer brand, to be brewed by the City Brewing Company at the Latrobe Brewing Plant in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, starting in late June.[1] Dudash and his wife, Maria, had incorporated Duquesne Bottling Company in late 2008 as formal start to the project, and also re-registered the brand's trademark, which had expired.[1]

Dudash stated that the second incarnation of Duquesne Beer will cost $16.95 a case for loose bottles,[2] and would be ready for sale in eight wholesalers throughout Western Pennsylvania by mid- to late July, or early August.[1][3] The new brew is a "golden yellow pilsener with three hops for just a 'gentle bite' with no aftertaste and extra malt for a bright white head".[1]

The beer became available for purchase throughout western Pennsylvania in early August 2010.[4]


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