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Hotels in Durău

Durău is a ski resort located in north-eastern Romania, in Neamţ County, Moldavia at the proximity of Ceahlău Massif (to the mountains' north-west side). The location is disadvantaged because of the lack of accessibility, the only access road is DN15 (from Poiana Largului); the regular route from Bicaz is closed as of February 2006 due to landslides.

Durau Resort lies on Neamt county, at 780-800 m altitude, 9 km from Izvorul Muntelui accumulation Lake on Bistrita river, in a sunny glade, on the north-west slope of Ceahlau Mountains (Oriental Carpathians). The fauna from surrounded woods is very rich: carpathian stag, brown bear, wild boar, black goat. From here hikings can be organised in surrounding mountains (Ocolasu Mare Peak-1907 m and Toaca Peak-1904 m), Duruitoarea Waterfall, the Natural Reservation of aurochs from Ceahlau Mountains and many other trips: visits to nearby monasteries(Secu, Sihastrie, Neamt, Varatec and Agapia), monasteries from north of Moldova (Humorului, Sucevita, Moldovita, Putna, Dragomirna, Voronet), Bicaz Gorges, Rosu Lake, Borsec and Vatra Dornei resort. In Durau you'll find a small church painted by the famous Romanian painter Nicolae Tonitza and also a monastery built in 1992.

Durau is a resort functioning all the year round. The stimulating climate and the fresh air make the resort ideal for leisure but also for the treatment of neurosis, physical or intellectual fatigue states and nutrition diseases. From Durau you can go hiking towards Toaca and Ocolasu Mare Peaks in Ceahlau Mountains or towards Duruitoarea Waterfall.

In town there are four 2- and 3-star hotels, an ancient monastery (Durău Monastery) and a conference center belonging to the Romanian Orthodox Church.

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Coordinates: 46°59′53″N 25°55′18″E / 46.99808°N 25.92164°E / 46.99808; 25.92164