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Developer(s) DuraSpace
Stable release 2.0.0 / April 17, 2012 (2012-04-17)
Development status Active
Written in Java
Website duracloud.org

DuraCloud is an open source technology project for preserving and archiving digital content. DuraCloud is developed by and hosted as a SAAS by DuraSpace.[1] The DuraCloud open source software is available under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.[2]


In 2009, The Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) and DuraSpace announced a joint pilot program to test the use of cloud technologies to enable perpetual access to digital content with DuraCloud.[3][4] The pilot program entered a second phase in 2010. Several open source releases of the DuraCloud software led to the public launch of the managed service on November 7, 2011.[5] DuraCloud is supported by the DuraSpace organization.[6]

DuraCloud 2.0 was released on April 17, 2012.[7]

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