Durban City F.C. (1959)

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Durban City Football Club
Nickname(s) Banana Boys, Golden Boys
Founded May 1959
Dissolved 29 July 1988
Ground New Kingsmead, Durban
Owner Norman Elliott

Durban City is a former South African association football club based in the city of Durban. Formed in 1959 by Norman Elliott, the club was dissolved in 1988.


Durban City FC played in the newly formed whites only National Football League from 1959 to 1977, the team then moved over to the Federation Professional League for the 1978 season. The team moved again to the National Premier Soccer League, which later changed its name to the National Soccer League from 1979 to 1988.

The club was sold on 27 July 1988 mid-way through the season to a group of local businessmen from the KwaZulu-Natal area. The new owners kept the famous blue and white hoops but immediately changed the name to Natal United. The team got relegated at the end of that season and disbanded.

In the 1986-1987 season the club courted controversy by becoming the first South African football club to have a mascot. 'Barry' was a kudu with enlarged eyes and glasses and was sponsored by a local opticians.


  • 1959 - National Football League Winners
  • 1960 - Champion of Champions Trophy Winners
  • 1960 - Castle Cup Winners
  • 1961 - National Football League Winners
  • 1961 - Champion of Champions Trophy Winners
  • 1961 - UTC Bowl Winners
  • 1962 - Champion of Champions Winners
  • 1962 - Castle Cup Winners
  • 1963 - Champion Of Champions Winners
  • 1964 - Castle Cup Winners
  • 1965 - UTC Bowl Winners
  • 1967 - UTC Bowl Winners
  • 1968 - UTC Bowl Winners
  • 1968 - Castle Cup Winners
  • 1970 - National Football League Winners
  • 1970 - Life Bowl Winners
  • 1971 - Champion Of Champions Winners
  • 1972 - National Football League Winners
  • 1972 - Coca Cola Shield Winners
  • 1978 - Federation Professional League Winners
  • 1982 - National Professional Soccer League
  • 1983 - National Professional Soccer League

Durban Club[edit]

For The Durban Club Durban City F.C., see Durban City F.C. (2009).

In late 2008 Durban businessman and former youth player Glen Adams started talking about the revival of the former glamour club. The club was registered in 2009 with the South African Football Association and will be active in the 2009 season albeit in the amateur leagues from juniors to seniors.

Notable players[edit]

Notable Guest Players[edit]

Notable Coaches[edit]

Notable Games[edit]

  • May 1961 New Kingamead Stadium : Durban City 0 vs 2 Leicester City
  • 14 July 1963 New Kingsmead Stadium :Durban City 1 vs 2 C A Cerro(Uruguay)


  • City were the first team to win a professional league in South Africa in 1959
  • First and only team to win league titles in three different associations NFL, FPL, NPSL
  • Although defunct in 1988 Durban City still played a part in South Africa’s victory in the African Cup of Nations in 1996. Former City player and coach Clive Barker was head coach and former player Neil Tovey captained the South Africans.
  • In 2007 CAF Honored 50 South Africans as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations amongst them there were five players and coaches associated to City
  • South Africa Les Salton
  • South Africa Malcolm Rufus
  • South Africa Clive Barker
  • England Budgie Byrne
  • RhodesiaSouth AfricaBobby Chalmers
  • City were the first South African team to pay an English team a transfer fee when they bought George Luke from Chelsea FC in August 1968
  • Danny Le Roux was the first African player to play for Arsenal way back in the 1957/58 season making five appearances

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