Durgavati River

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Durgavati River
Country India
State Bihar
City Mohania
Landmarks Durgavati Falls, Durgavati Dam
Mouth Karmanasa River

The Durgavati River (also called Durgaoti or Durgauti and spelt as Durgawati) which flows through Kaimur district in the Indian state of Bihar, is a tributary of the Karmanasa.


The source of the Durgavati is about 7 miles east of that of the Karmanasa. In its upper reaches it is a rocky channel 20 to 30 feet wide. It runs nearly north for about 9 miles when it plunges down the rocky boundary of the table land in to the head of deep glen named Kadhar Kho. There it is joined by three other torrents that like itself rise on the table land of the Turkan Kharawars and fall down the rocks at the head of the same glen. These three torrents are the Lohara, Hatiyadub and Kothas.[1]The Durgavati joins the Karmanasa as a right bank tributary. [2]


The Durgavati Falls (80m) on the Durgavati River is at the edge of the Rohtas Plateau. [3]


The Durgavati Dam is located near Durgawati town in Kaimur district.[4]


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