Durian Tunggal

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Durian Tunggal is a small town in Malacca, Malaysia. It is situated within the parliamentary constituency of Hang Tuah Jaya and the district of southern Alor Gajah. It is also located 4 Kilometre from Lebuh Ayer Keroh tol Plaza


  • Taman Merdeka
  • Taman Nuri
  • Taman Sri Cempaka
  • Taman Angkasa Nuri
  • Taman Desa Idaman
  • Taman Cempaka Heights
  • Taman Belimbing Setia
  • Taman Sri Siantan
  • Taman Merak Mas
  • Taman Merpati Putih
  • Taman Belatuk Mas
  • Taman Sri Bayan
  • Gangsa Heights
  • Taman Seri Tuah
  • Taman Kasawari
  • Taman Kenari Jaya



Coordinates: 2°19′N 102°17′E / 2.317°N 102.283°E / 2.317; 102.283