Dutch people in the United Kingdom

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Dutch people in the United Kingdom
King William III of England, (1650-1702).jpgProbably George Vancouver from NPG.jpg
Dirk Bogarde.jpgAudrey Hepburn black and white.jpg
Jane Seymour 2010 Oscars.jpgNick Clegg by the 2009 budget cropped.jpg

Notable Britons with Dutch connections:

1st row: William III of EnglandGeorge Vancouver
2nd row: Dirk BogardeAudrey Hepburn

3rd row: Jane SeymourNick Clegg
Total population
Dutch-born residents
40,438 (2001 Census)
Regions with significant populations
London, The South East and Scotland
English, Dutch, West Frisian
Roman Catholicism and Protestantism

Dutch people in the United Kingdom include people born in the Netherlands and British people of Dutch ancestry. The 2001 UK Census recorded 40,438 Dutch-born people residing in the UK.[1]

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