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Dwight Radcliff is the retired sheriff of Pickaway County, Ohio and has been since 1965. He is the longest serving sheriff in the United States of America. First elected in 1964, he has been re-elected 12 times. His father, Charles Radcliff, was sheriff from 1931-1961. He served from 1965 to 2012, until his son Robert B. Radcliff took over as the newly elected Sheriff in 2012.

Family & personal life[edit]

As a boy, Radcliff lived in a huge, stately house connected to the Pickaway County jail. After leaving for a while, he moved back living in his boyhood home again when he became sheriff, raising his own family where he was raised. That includes the current sheriff, Robert "Robbie" Radcliff, his son. Sheriff Radcliff said he had no qualms about raising his kids in that environment. Eventually, it was time to go for good, though. The old jail closed in 1992. "Having been there all my life, it was hard to leave there, Radcliff shared. His wife, Betty Radcliff, née Bircher, is the daughter of Orin Bircher.

Radcliff is a Democrat and resides in Circleville, Ohio with his wife, Betty, who is also a commissioned deputy for the department.

Jail house[edit]

Years later, the old jail cells now hold back boxes of court records instead of inmates. Former bedrooms have been transformed into office space. Radcliff's reputation for apprehending criminals has earned nicknames for both the jail "The Radcliff Hilton" and the county "Putaway Pickaway."


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