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Dylan Avery
Dylan Avery 2012.jpg
Born Dylan Avery
(1983-11-01) November 1, 1983 (age 30)
Leesburg, Virginia, U.S.
Occupation Filmmaker
Years active 2005–present

Dylan Avery (born November 1, 1983) is a filmmaker and the creator of the Loose Change films.


After discovering Paul Thompson's Terror Timeline in mid-2002, Avery began writing the screenplay for a thriller in which a group of friends discovers a government cover-up of the September 11, 2001 attacks. After having been denied admission[citation needed] twice by Purchase College film school and realizing that creating a full-budget feature was not feasible for an 18-year-old director, he decided instead to make a documentary.[1] This gave rise to the Loose Change series.

In April 2008, he moved from Oneonta to San Diego, California.

The final film in the series, Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup, became available on September 22, 2009. It is narrated by Daniel Sunjata and produced by Korey Rowe of Oneonta, New York. Avery later admitted his Loose Change series was inaccurate and later admitted to reporters that he had misrepresented much of the information contained in his series, resulting in a decline his filmmaking career.[2]

In November 2009, he filmed a music video for The Almighty Terribles' song "Dream of Dreams" on location at the abandoned Lambertville High School in Lambertville, NJ.

In 2010, Avery worked with teacher and musician Wes Davis to create Buzzkill, a film about a 21-day project to stop drinking coffee and caffeine products. It is available on YouTube.

In April 2011, he moved to Los Angeles to work at a production house in North Hollywood where he did animation assistance for Discovery Channel's Reign of the Dinosaurs (later renamed Dinosaur Revolution) and uncredited research work on Werner Herzog's Into the Abyss.

In September 2012, shortly after the ten-year anniversary, he was interviewed by Alec Baldwin for his "Here's the Thing" podcast. It aired on August 13, 2012.[3]


  • Ivy (2013) (writer, DP, director, editor)
  • A Field Full of Secrets (2013) (editor)
  • Life in a Moment (2012) (DP, editor)
  • Neighbors in Paris (2012) (Handheld DP, editor)
  • Avi (2012) (DP, editor)
  • The Training (2012) (editor)
  • Note (2012) (writer, DP, director, editor)
  • Choices (2012) (DP, editor)
  • Olson (2011) (writer, DP, director, editor)
  • Buzzkill (2010) (DP, director, editor)
  • 24 Hours of Free Music (2008) (DP, editor)
  • Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (2009) (writer, director, editor)
  • Loose Change: Final Cut (2007) (writer, director, editor)
  • Loose Change: Second Edition (2006) (writer, director, editor)
  • Loose Change (2005) (writer, director, editor)


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