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Industry Internet Performance
  • Dynamic Network Services Inc
  • DynDNS
Founded 1998
Headquarters Manchester, New Hampshire
Website dyn.com

Dyn (pronounced “dine”) is an Internet performance company, offering products that help companies monitor, control, and optimize online infrastructure. Dyn is a provider to several high-profile web properties, including Twitter, Netflix, Pandora, Zappos, CNBC, Etsy, BT, Hershey, The Guardian, and Seeking Alpha.[1] Their product suite includes Dyn Internet Intelligence, IP Transit Intelligence, Traffic Director, Managed DNS, and Managed DNS Express. Dyn also offers domain registration services and email products. Dyn’s corporate headquarters are located in Manchester, NH, USA, with offices in Brighton, UK; Sydney, Australia; San Francisco, CA, USA; and Hanover, NH, USA.


Dyn was conceived as an open source, community-led student project back by Jeremy Hitchcock, Tom Daly, Tim Wilde and Chris Reinhardt while pursuing undergraduate studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.[2] In the beginning, Dyn enabled students to access lab computers and print documents remotely. The project quickly outgrew its original purpose and soon gravitated towards domain name system (DNS) services. The first iteration was a free dynamic DNS service known as DynDNS, which allowed users to register a subdomain that points to a computer with regularly changing IP addresses, such as those served by many consumer-level Internet service providers. An update client installed on the user's computer, or built into a networked device, such as a router or webcam, keeps the hostname up to date with its current IP address.

This free service eventually became costly for the founders to support. Looking to gauge interest, the project was set to be shut down unless users were able to reach a $25,000 fundraising goal. They ended up raising over $40,000.

As a result of this success, it became a Massachusetts limited liability company on October 24, 2001.[3] It evolved again, in 2003, when the company reorganized into a Delaware corporation.[4]

The donation based model continued until a premium service called the DynECT Platform became available in 2008. The DynECT Platform offered advanced DNS related services to customers including but not limited to: Round Robin Load Balancing, CDN Management, Traffic Management, and Active Failover. The service was mainly geared toward enterprise-level consumers. It was at this time that several key hires, including Gray Chynoweth, who is now the Chief Operating Officer, Cory von Wallenstein, formerly the Chief Technologist, and Kyle York, Dyn’s Chief Revenue Officer, joined the team, helping the company scale in the enterprise space.

In 2010, in an effort to consolidate the DNS space, Dyn purchased EditDNS and EveryDNS. However, their most significant purchase that year was the Manchester, New Hampshire-based SendLabs. This acquisition allowed Dyn to begin offering message management services. This combination of email delivery and Managed DNS allowed Dyn to bill itself as a provider of Infrastructure as a Service.

These moves led to significant growth. In 2011, Dyn opened an office in San Francisco and London, England - it eventually moved its EMEA headquarters to Brighton, UK.[5] It was also in 2011 that Dyn opened its new Manchester, NH headquarters.[6]

In November 2011, Dyn reduced the number of free hostnames provided from five to one (but only after signing up for a free trial), except for existing users with active hostnames.[7] Registering for the service involves the purchase of a trial version of Dynamic DNS Pro at no cost, and requires a valid credit card, effectively rendering the service non-anonymous.

From May 2013 on, Dyn no longer maintains free services without monthly log-ins at its site. According to Dyn, this is to eliminate unneeded or dormant hostnames; however, unused hostnames were already detected and eliminated through client logins. Numerous Users expressed concern that the real reason is to force existing subscribers to upgrade to a paid account.[8][9][10]

In 2013, Dyn rounded out its executive team with the promotion of Scott Hilton as Executive Vice President of Products and the hiring of Matt Larson as Chief Technology Officer[11] The company also repositioned itself as an Internet Performance company with the acquisitions of Verelo, Trendslide,[12] and ReadyStatus.com.

In April 2014, Dyn announced the discontinuation of its free hostname services effective May 7.[13]

In May 2014, Dyn acquired Renesys, the Internet Intelligence Authority. In September 2014, Dyn launched Dyn Internet Intelligence, a SaaS-based product that provides real-time visibility into critical Internet connectivity and routing data so enterprises get a comprehensive look into how the Internet affects their online presence.


  • In October 2012, Dyn completed a Series A round of venture capital funding totaling US$ 38 million from North Bridge Venture Partners. Prior to the investment from North Bridge, the company had been self funded.[14]


  • In September 2012, Dyn acquired the SEO/SEM & Ecommerce Development parts of Incutio LTD.[18] They also acquired long time DNS provider TZO.[19]
  • On January 2, 2013, Dyn acquired Web performance monitoring company Verelo.[20]
  • On May 13, 2013, Dyn acquired mobile dashboard app startup Trendslide.[21]
  • On December 23, 2013, Dyn acquired ReadyStatus, a tool that notifies customers of planned and unplanned service interruptions.[22]
  • On March 26, 2014 Dyn acquired Nettica, a US-based managed DNS provider.[23]
  • On May 20, 2014, Dyn acquired Renesys, specialist in monitoring the Internet to provide data about cloud services, connectivity and potential performance issues.[24]


Dyn's partner program consists of over 200 partners, from integration partners to managed services to channel resellers. Major partners include Firehost, AT&T, Global Dots, HP, Fastly, Sitecore, Redapt, and Synnex.[25]

Third-party usage[edit]

The DynDNS update API[26] was released in 1998 as an open system, to allow control by third-party developers. It has been used by Netgear,[27] OpenDNS, Norton DNS,[28] and No-IP.[29] Additionally a number of router manufacturers have adopted the API to include update capabilities in their devices, including Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, Cisco, Draytek, Sonicwall, Belkin, TP-Link, and Acorp.

Dyn’s second API, The Dyn Managed DNS REST API, remains in use by Red Hat OpenShift, Joyent, RightScale and IBM SmartCloud Entry PureFlex System.

The latest API Dyn has made available is the Dyn Email Delivery REST API, which has been made available in JSON, HTML, and XML formats since January 2011. Current third-party users include Ongage, Seeking Alpha, Mill33, and Daily Secret.

In May 2004, the company started providing DNS services for top-level domains, starting with the .cx TLD. The company also provides DNS for several other TLDs: Christmas Islands (.cx), Mauritius (.mu), Solomon Islands (.sb), as well as of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (.tl).


Dyn offers a suite of Internet Performance products, as well as supporting services, such as Domain and Email Services that complement these core competencies.[30]

Internet Performance: Monitor and Analyze[edit]

  • IP Transit Intelligence
  • Dyn Internet Intelligence

Internet Performance: Control and Optimize[edit]

  • Traffic Director
  • Managed DNS
  • Managed DNS Express

Domain and Email Services[edit]

  • Domain Registration
  • Email Delivery


Dyn’s culture has received regional and national recognition as both an exciting and democratic place to work.[31] The often described “work hard/play hard” culture has created a very dedicated team of talented individuals as well as some unique office amenities such as a climbing wall, a growing arcade collection, ping pong and foosball tables, beer on tap, a putting green, an in office gym, a secret speakeasy and a private farm to table restaurant. Sometimes compared to a Silicon Valley startup, Dyn has adopted a few unique office policies such as unlimited PTO, office pets, and a flexible work schedule. The belief behind these benefits is that happy employees work harder and contribute more to the tasks at hand. The recent 500% revenue growth in 4 years appears to back that claim.[32]

Proprietary Events[edit]

In addition to exhibiting and speaking at numerous world leading events, Dyn also hosts its own series of conferences and social events.


  • In April 2006, Dyn received a "Best Buy" rating and a perfect 10 out of 10 rating on Overall Value, Performance, and Ease of Use from the Consumer Guide.[33]
  • In September 2007, Dyn was ranked 73rd in the US among the "Top Companies in Telecommunications" and 11th overall in New Hampshire by trade publication Inc., thanks to a 208.7% growth rate since 2003.[34]
  • In December 2007, Dyn was rated the number one small business to work for in NH by Business New Hampshire magazine.[35][36]
  • In May 2011, Dyn was selected as one of 50 Winning Workplaces by Inc. (magazine) and Winning Workplaces, an award for the top small businesses in the U.S.[37]
  • In August 2011, Inc. announced that Dyn made its Inc. 5000 list in the 1538th slot, a yearly ranking of the top U.S. based private companies. It was Dyn's second time on the list.[38]
  • In December 2011, Dyn was elected to the Best Companies to Work in NH Hall of Fame by Business New Hampshire Magazine.
  • In April 2012, Dyn was named to WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces 2012.[39]
  • In August 2012, Dyn made the Inc. 5000 list for the third time, jumping 378 spots to #1160.[40]
  • In April 2013, Dyn was named to WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces 2013, for a second consecutive year.[41]
  • In August 2013, Dyn was recognized by the Inc. 5000 list, continuing to climb the list year after year, this time as #1135.[42]
  • In September 2013, Business New Hampshire Magazine named Dyn as the fastest growing private company in New Hampshire.[43]
  • In November 2013, Dyn was listed as #210 on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 List.[44]
  • In December 2013, The New Hampshire College & University Council recognized Dyn's volunteer efforts towards education with a Champion Award.


From 2011 onwards through 2013, users of free DynDNS hostnames had been subject to increasing limitations on their usage, lowering the available numbers and choice, then requiring sign-up with a credit card, and eventually monthly non-automatic log-ins to maintain a current name. These actions were accompanied by assertions by the company that these limitations were necessary to reduce overhead on the free service, and were not preparatory to closing the service down.[citation needed] However, the company also included recommendations with their announcements stating that people who had problems with the new restrictions should switch to the paid service.

Each of these limitations resulted in increasing disruption to the free users. In particular, the requirement for monthly manual log-ins caused an increase in users losing hostnames, which Dyn would only replace if the user switched to the paid service.[citation needed] Users were sent email notifications for expiring hostnames, however some users reported problems receiving these emails.[45]

In April 2014, Dyn announced that they would withdraw the free dynamic DNS service completely after May 7. The company gave no specific reason for this closure beyond stating that this would enable them to service paying customers better.

While businesses obviously need to operate with minimum costs and must respond to economic pressures in the business environment, much criticism of Dyn has been centered on the manner in which the free service was withdrawn - assuring users that the service would remain while taking a succession of steps to close it down.

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