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A DynaScan is a cylindrical LED display device, designed to minimize the number of light-emitting diodes used to display image frames.[1]

The display consists of an LED display apparatus including multiple LED display modules, an inner frame member, and a supporting unit. The LED display module has an array of light emitting diodes mounted thereon, and a longitudinal axis. The inner frame member is disposed to confine the LED display module therein, and has a size sufficient to permit movement of the LED display module in opposite directions of the longitudinal axis. The supporting unit mounts the LED display module in the inner frame member such that the LED display module is movable back and forth in the inner frame member along the longitudinal axis.[1] As the drum spins, the system controls the lighting of each pixel at a precise location to produce a visible image.[2]


The displays are typically used as an advertising medium in shopping centers and public areas.[3]


DynaScan displays are manufactured in Taiwan by DynaScan Technology Corp.[4]


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