Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons

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DAN instrument on the Mars Curiosity rover.

Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons (DAN) is a pulsed sealed-tube neutron source and detector on the Mars Curiosity rover for measuring hydrogen or ice and water at or near the Martian surface.[1][2] DAN was provided by the Russian Federal Space Agency, [1][2] funded by Russia[3] and is under the leadership of Principal Investigator Igor Mitrofanov.[4]

2 million pulses fired (January 29, 2014).

On August 18, 2012 (sol 12), the Russian science instrument, DAN, was turned on,[5] marking the success of a Russian-American collaboration on the surface of Mars and the first working Russian science instrument on the Martian surface since Mars 3 stopped transmitting over forty years ago.[6] The instrument is designed to detect subsurface water.[5]

On March 18, 2013 (sol 218), NASA reported evidence of mineral hydration, likely hydrated calcium sulfate, in several rock samples including the broken fragments of "Tintina" rock and "Sutton Inlier" rock as well as in veins and nodules in other rocks like "Knorr" rock and "Wernicke" rock.[7][8][9] Analysis using the rover's DAN instrument provided evidence of subsurface water, amounting to as much as 4% water content, down to a depth of 60 cm (2.0 ft), in the rover's traverse from the Bradbury Landing site to the Yellowknife Bay area in the Glenelg terrain.[7]

Curiosity rover - How DAN works to detect water molecules - Actual Results.

No Water present

Water present

Actual Results - From Bradbury Landing to Glenelg (August 2012 - March 2013).

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