Dynasty Warriors (video game)

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This article is about the PlayStation game, for information on the series it started, see Dynasty Warriors. For the PlayStation Portable game, see Dynasty Warriors (2004 video game).
Dynasty Warriors
Dynastry Warriors cover.jpg
North American cover art
Developer(s) Omega Force
Publisher(s) Koei
Series Dynasty Warriors
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s)
  • JP February 28, 1997
  • NA June 30, 1997
  • PAL December, 1997
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single player, two player
Distribution 1 CD-ROM

Dynasty Warriors (三國無双 Sangokumusō?) is a weapon-based fighting game developed and published by Koei. It was released on December 1, 1997 for the PlayStation. Unlike the later installments in the series which are hack and slash, Dynasty Warriors is a "one-on-one" fighting game.


The fighting system in Dynasty Warriors is fairly complex. All combat is weapon-based, similar to the Soulcalibur series. The player's aim is to parry the enemy's strikes with considerable timing and recognition, leaving the enemy vulnerable to attack. The stages are in morning, noon, and dusk.

Name and series[edit]

In Japan, the game was released as Sangokumusou. With the next installment in the series a departure in genre and style from the original Dynasty Warriors, it was entitled Shin Sangokumusou in Japan. In North America, the game was released as Dynasty Warriors 2, leading to the discrepancy in title numbers.


The game features 16 characters, six of whom are hidden by default. These characters are mainly historical figures from the Three Kingdoms era of China, though two characters; Nobunaga and Toukichi are figures from the Warring States period of Japan; two of them only appear in the first game and Koei's Samurai Warriors. Unlike in future games, the characters are not grouped into factions; each have individual slots similar to most fighting games.

Shu Han Wei Wu Other
Guan Yu Cao Cao Lu Xun Diao Chan
Zhang Fei Dian Wei Sun Shang Xiang Lu Bu
Zhao Yun Xiahou Dun Taishi Ci Nobunaga
Zhuge Liang Xu Zhu Zhou Yu Toukichi

The starting characters include Dian Wei, Diao Chan, Guan Yu, Lu Xun, Taishi Ci, Xiahou Dun, Xu Zhu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, and Zhou Yu.

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