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Dzhangi-Tau is located in Caucasus mountains
Location of Dzhangi-Tau within the Caucasus mountains
Elevation 5,051 m (16,572 ft)
Location Georgia / Russia
Range Caucasus Mountains
Coordinates 43°01′08″N 43°03′24″E / 43.01889°N 43.05671°E / 43.01889; 43.05671Coordinates: 43°01′08″N 43°03′24″E / 43.01889°N 43.05671°E / 43.01889; 43.05671

Dzhangi-Tau or Jangi-Tau (Georgian: ჯანღა; Russian: Джанги-Тау) is a summit in the central part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. It lies on the border of Svaneti (Georgia) and Kabardino-Balkaria (Russia). The elevation of the mountain is 5,051 m (16,572 ft) above sea level. The slopes of the mountain are heavily glaciated. They are most famous for the dormant volcanoes that are hidden under the ice caps[citation needed].