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Zuken’s E³.series is a software for the creation of electrical and fluid designs, for wiring, harnesses, cable assemblies, control panels, hydraulics and pneumatics. It is ideal for designing interdependent systems (i.e. electrical and fluid) in one project environment. Founded in 1987 as CIM-Team GmbH, the Ulm-based company has continually expanded its skills in electrical and fluid CAD software amongst others by the acquisition of the product rights to ABB-CADE’s CADES-G, CoCreate’s DDS-C and TCS’s VARCAD/promis. In the year 2001, CIM-Team brought its electrical CAD software E³.series to market maturity.[1] In 2006, Zuken obtained a controlling interest in CIM Team.[2] The renaming of the company to Zuken E3 GmbH took place in 2009.

E³.series is at home in many industrial segments: machinery and plant engineering, rail technology, aeronautics and space industry, automotive and vehicle developers of all kinds such as construction machines, excavators, mobile cranes, ambulances, fire-fighting vehicles, racing cars and many more. More than 1,700 customers worldwide use E³.series within their engineering departments.

Product portfolio[edit]

  • E³.series is a modular, Windows-based software suite that offers comprehensive solutions for numerous industries (among others machinery and plant engineering, equipment cabling, automotive, railways, special vehicles). E³.series is available in 10 interface languages. The object-oriented working method enables consistent project data and documentation throughout the whole development process.
  • E³.schematic is the E³.series basic module. It is for the creation of multilingual circuit diagrams for electrical and fluid systems.
  • E³.cable enables development, design and documentation of electrical and fluid systems with advanced techniques such as hierarchical design.
  • E³.formboard provides all necessary functions to create scaled 1:1 drawings for wiring, harness, and cable assembly production.
  • E³.panel is an integrated 3D panel layout module for cabinet configuration and automatic wiring. It offers complete documentation for production and enables control of automatic drilling- and milling machines, wiring machines, automatic cutting machines and inscription machines.
  • The multi-user solution E³.enterprise allows different development groups to work in parallel on the same project. In doing so, individual settings for users are supported to ensure efficient collaboration on large projects.
  • E³.e-PLM is a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution for electrical and fluid projects. It enables complete data management and data flows within the product lifecycle.
  • Additional E³.series modules complete the product portfolio. Among others, they allow automatic generation of schematic/wiring diagrams (E³.Wiring Diagram Generator), integration into mechanical design (E³.3D Routing Bridge) and compare and document changes between projects (E³.Revision Management).

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