E. L. Senanayake Children's Park

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E. L. Senanayake Children's Park
Type Urban park
Location Ampitiya, Central Province
Nearest city Kandy, Central Province, Sri Lanka

E. L. Senanayake Children's Park is an Urban Children's park in the city of Kandy, Central Province, Sri Lanka. Situated at the Ampitiya junction along the Kandy Lake Round Road, it the first children’s park, and one of the oldest parks in the city.[1] The park is named in honour of E. L. Senanayake, former Mayor of Kandy and prominent Sri Lankan Politician.[2]

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Coordinates: 7°17′15″N 80°38′51″E / 7.287454°N 80.647494°E / 7.287454; 80.647494