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EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF)
Location Seoul, South Korea
Language Korean & International

EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF) is hosted by EBS, a national public television featuring educational and cultural programs in Korea. EIDF is one and only documentary festival through both screening and broadcasting at the same time. As Asia’s prestigious documentary festival, EIDF began in 2004 and highlighted on the documentary films which were focused on Asia or were made in Asia. However, EIDF has extended the interest to a variety of countries from around the world since 2004. Along with TV show case of outstanding non-fiction films on EBS TV channel including documentaries which are nominated at the Competitive Section, EIDF has many special events such as public screening, forums, director’s classes and exhibitions during the week of festival.

EIDF selects today’s best documentaries that look at the past, the present and the future of the world in depth and provides an opportunity for filmmakers to communicate with the audience through their works expressing diverse cultures and raising questions.


Year Date (Opening) Date (Closing) Opening Film Number of Screening Award-Winning Film
2004 August 30 September 5 Deconstruction of Korean Housewife 129 films 99 televised Last Home Standing
2005 August 29 September 4 Another Myanmar, Mae Sot 98 films 94 televised Bunso – The Youngest
2006 July 10 July 16 The Journey of Vaan Nguyen 83 films 83 televised Out of Bounds
2007 August 27 September 2 Heimatklänge 58 films 54 televised Puujee
2008 September 22 September 28 Encounters at the End of the World 43 films 43 televised If We Knew
2009 September 21 September 27 Google Baby 50 films 50 televised Unmistaken
2010 August 23 August 29 Planet of Snail 49 films 49 televised Last Train Home
2011 August 19 August 25 How Are You Doing, Rudolf Ming? 51 films 43 televised Marathon Boy
2012 August 17 August 24 Bully 48 films 34 televised


    • Festival Choice Grand Prix (USD 10,000) : Awarded to the most complete and elaborate documentary among the twelve nominees in the EIDF main competition
    • Edu Choice Grand Prix (USD 10,000) : Awarded to the best documentary among the nominees in the EIDF 2012 main competition which provides refreshing insights for education as well
    • Spirit Award (USD 7,000) : Awarded to the documentary among the twelve nominees for the EIDF main competition that best reveals the director's artistic spirit and genuine message according to the theme of each year's EIDF
    • Special Jury Award (USD 5,000) : Awarded to the documentary among the twelve nominees for the EIDF main competition that shows outstanding approach in experimentation and form
    • UNICEF Special Award (USD 5,000) : Among the existing entries, awarded to the films which contain children related contents or have hopeful messages for children
    • Audience Award (USD 3,000) : Awarded to the documentary among the twelve nominees for the EIDF main competition that receives the most votes over the online and offline voting system

Special Events[edit]

  • Master's Class : The Master's Class offers special events for general audiences who have genuine interest in documentaries and documentary makers. The audience will be able to have a glimpse into the present state of documentary through filmmakers' and/or producers' own voices.
    • Master's Class of EIDF 2009 : Kaori Sakagami (Out of Frame: Search for Alternatives through Documentary Filmmaking), Thom Andersen (Get out of the Media) & Yves Jeanneau (Sunny or Cloudy?: International Co-Production)
  • Director's Class : In the Director's Class, directors of Festival Choice will share their passion, experience and knowledge with festival participants, who will be able to obtain practical know-hows such as documentary production and filmmaking.
    • Director's Class of EIDF 2009 : Mary Katzke & Nati Baratz (Character Driven Documentary Storytelling), Karen Michael (Documentary of the Multiplatform Era), Andrei Dascalescu (Emerging Film Director), Sally Gutierrez Dewar (Micro-narratives, Gender and How We Document) & Stelios Koul (Finctional Documentary)
  • Special Class : EIDF provides the special event of award-winning documentary makers with Korean participants from internationally known documentary film festivals such as HOTDOC and IDFA.
    • Special Class of EIDF 2009 : Simon El Habre, Award-winner of Best Documentary at HOTDOCs 2009 (For International Competence in Documentary-making: The Interaction of Structure and Editing)

EIDF Documentary Fund (EDF)[edit]

EIDF has launched EIDF Documentary Fund (EDF) assisting projects to develop and supply documentary contents for better quality. EDF has attracted many documentary directors and reinforced the works of documentaries in development. EDF announced that the Best Choice of EIDF 2009 is The Hazy Journey of the Illuminating Tree directed by Yi Seung Jun, and the winner will gain the financial support of KRW 30,000,000. Moreover, the winner's final production will be shown on the 7th EIDF in 2010.

Award-Winning Films in the Past[edit]

회차 Summary Award-Winning Film Juries

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  • Grand Prix : Last House Standing
  • Spirit Award : Experimental Taiwanese Moon Academy
  • Audience Award : Mr. Cortisone, Happy Days
  • Special Award : Journeys
  • Trinh T. Minh-ha
  • Sandra Ruch
  • Wang XiaoLong
  • Dan Wolman
  • Do Jung Il

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  • Grand Prix : Bunso – The Youngest
  • Spirit Award : Little Bird
  • Special Jury Award : The Concrete Revolution
  • Audience Award : School Among Glaciers
  • Leonard Retel Helmrich
  • Ally Derks
  • Trinh T. Minh-ha
  • Kim So Young
  • Cho Chong Heup

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  • Grand Prix : Out of Bounds
  • Spirit Award : Innocence
  • Special Jury Award : Smiling in a War Zone
  • Audience Award : Our Own Private Bin Laden
  • Dimitri Eipides
  • Sato Makoto
  • Claire Aguilar
  • Yoav Shamir
  • Lee Seung-Moo

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  • Grand Prix : Puujee
  • Spirit Award : The Cats of Mirikitani
  • Special Jury Award : Shame
  • Audience Award : To Live-Save Our Saemankum
  • Honorable Mention by the Jury : Made in Korea: A One Way Ticket to Amsterdam
  • Geoffrey Gilmore
  • Antoinette Spielmann-von Joest
  • Lee Ann Kim
  • Chang-Jae Lee
  • Hideo Murata

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  • Grand Prix : If We Knew
  • Spirit Award : The Art Star and the Sundanese Twins
  • Special Jury Award : Suddenly, Last Winter
  • Audience Award : Hear and Now
  • Honorable Mention by the Jury : The Red Race and The Demons of Eden
  • Christine Choy
  • Choong Jik Lee
  • Antoine Coppola
  • Ikeya Kaoru
  • Jung Ok Lee

(Description to be added soon)

  • Grand Prix : Unmistaken Child
  • Spirit Award : Apology of an Economic Hit Man
  • Special Jury Award : Gaza-Sderot, Pre-War Chronicles
  • Audience Award : Unmistaken Child
  • Honorable Mention by the Jury : About Face: The Story of Gwendellin Bradshaw, Rip: A Remix Manifesto
  • EIDF Documentary Fund Winning Film: Bittersweet Joke
  • Thom Andersen
  • Yves Jeanneau
  • Kiyong Park
  • Kaori Sakagami
  • Gunny Hyoung

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  • Grand Prix : Last Train Home
  • Spirit Award : Disco and Atomic War
  • Special Jury Award : Space Tourists
  • UNICEF Special Award : Planet of Snail
  • Audience Award : Planet of Snail
  • EIDF Documentary Fund Winning Film: Planet of Snail
  • Pepe Danquart
  • Monique Simard
  • Atef Dalgamouni
  • Park Bong Nam
  • Lee Jeong Ook

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  • Grand Prix (Festival Choice) : Marathon Boy
  • Grand Prix (Edu Choice): World Class Kids
  • Spirit Award : Green Wave
  • Special Jury Award : The Castle
  • UNICEF Special Award : How Are You Doing, Rudolf Ming?
  • Audience Award : Marathon Boy
  • EIDF Documentary Fund Award : The Struggle for Sprouting

Festival Choice

  • Mark Lewis
  • Bill Nichols
  • Leonardo Retel Helmrich
  • Zhang Xien Min
  • Yu Gina

Issues in Education

  • Morten Moller Warmedal
  • Fukkiko Kisaichi
  • Lee Jung Ok

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  • Grand Prix (Festival Choice) :
  • Grand Prix (Edu Choice) :
  • Spirit Award :
  • Special Jury Award :
  • UNICEF Special Award :
  • Audience Award :

Festival Choice

  • Ross McElwee
  • Nino Kirtadze
  • Iikka Vehkalahti
  • Jacob Wong
  • Yi Seung-Jun

Edu Choice

  • Andy Glynee
  • Kim Yu Yeol
  • Nishikawa Miwako

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