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Cover of EDN magazine
Editor Patrick Mannion
Categories trade magazine
Year founded 1956
Final issue June 2013 (print)
Company UBM
Country United States
Based in San Francisco, California
Language English
Website edn.com
ISSN 0012-7515

EDN (ISSN 0012-7515) is an electronics website and formerly a magazine owned by UBM Tech, a division of UBM LLC. The current editor-in-chief and brand director is Patrick Mannion with the editorial offices of the magazine in San Francisco, California and Manhasset, New York, USA. EDN magazine was published monthly, in April 2013 UBM Tech announced it would cease publication of the print edition of the magazine after the June 2013 issue.


The first issue of Electrical Design News — the original name — was published May 1956 by Rogers Corporation of Englewood, Colorado.[1] In January 1961, Cahners Publishing Company, Inc., of Boston, acquired Rogers Publishing Company.[2] In February 1966, Cahners sold 40% of its company to International Publishing Company in London[3] In 1970, the Reed Group merged with International Publishing Corporation and changed its name to Reed International Limited.[4]

Acquisition of EEE magazine

Cahners Publishing Company acquired Electronic Equipment Engineering, a monthly magazine, in March 1971 and discontinued it. In doing so, Cahners folded EEE's best features into EDN,[5][not in citation given] and renamed the magazine EDN/EEE. At the time, George Harold Rostky (1926–2003) had been editor-in-chief of EEE. Rostky joined EDN and eventually became editor-in-chief before leaving to join Electronic Engineering Times as editor-in-chief.[6]

Reed Limited acquires remaining interest in Cahners

In 1977, Reed acquired the remaining interest in Cahners, then known as Cahners Publications. In 1982, Reed International Limited changed its name to Reed International PLC. In 1992, Reed International merged with Elsevier NV, becoming Reed Elsevier PLC as of January 1, 1993.

Reed sells EDN to Canon Communications LLC

Reed Business Information, part of Reed Elsevier, sold the magazine to Canon Communications LLC February 2010.[7] United Business Media, now UBM LLC, acquired Canon Communications LLC in October 2010.

On 9 April, 2013 UBM announced that EDN's print edition will cease publication after the June 2013 issue. The online EDN.com community will continue.[8]

International circulation[edit]

EDN Circulation
North America
Year Total Print % Digital %
1999 164,949
2000 136,024
2001 134,015
2002 134,021
2003 134,025
2004 134,025
2005 133,922
2006 134,026
2007 131,948
2008 125,011
2009 113,010
2010 113,048
2011 101,700 71,700 70.5 30,000 29.5

EDN is published in North America — and also Taiwan, China, Europe, and Japan through partner publishers who license content from UBM Tech.


The magazine and its website - EDN Network - cater to the needs of the working electrical engineer and cover new technologies and electronic component products at an engineering level. Columns discuss everything from managing engineers and engineering projects to technical issues faced in the design of electronic components, systems, and developing technologies.

Design ideas[edit]

The Design Ideas section features several user-submitted designs that are innovative or novel solutions to constrained design problems. Every issue features a column called "Prying Eyes" which disassembles a popular or intriguing consumer product and investigates the technologies that enable it.


In May 2006, EDN won three awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors.[10] The Best Regular Department of the Year award went to Prying Eyes.

Executives & journalists[edit]

  • William M. Platt, appointed publisher of EDN in December 1967 by Cahners Publishing[11]
  • Robert H. Cushman (1924–1996) — editor for EDN from 1962 to the late-1980s covering, among other things, the early development of microprocessing


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