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EDPnet logo

Edpnet is a Belgian telecom provider that offers services worldwide. The company focuses on three markets: retail (in Belgium and The Netherlands), business to business (in Europe, Russia and North America) and wholesale (in Europe, Russia and North America). Edpnet has its own fully redundant transcontinental fiber network based on the latest DWDM technology.

Company headquarters are located in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium and branch offices include Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Edpnet’s first branch office in North America is located in New York.[1]


The edpnet services include:


  • adsl, adsl2+, vdsl, vdsl2, sdsl
  • wavelengths
  • MPLS
  • IP transit
  • sdh/sonet
  • dial up connections
  • VPN

Data center:


Other products and services:


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