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The European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS)[1] is the federation of analysts associations in Europe. EFFAS comprises 27 member societies representing more than 14,000 investment professionals. EFFAS was founded in 1962 and the headquarters is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Besides its European training programme CEFA (Certified European Financial Analyst) EFFAS also grants the Certified International Investment Analysts (CIIA) designation, ensuring professional qualification by offering global as well as local market knowledge within its examination structure. As a global designation the exams can be taken in different languages. Through the national member societies EFFAS provides a full range of services for capital market experts.

CIIA Certification[edit]

EFFAS participates in further developing the Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) examinations, a financial analyst designation recognised globally. Analysts who belong to European analyst associations that are members of EFFAS, are eligible to participate in the final CIIA examination, if they pass the foundation and the national exams, or if they hold the Certified European Financial Analyst diploma (CEFA).

Member societies[edit]

Member societies include interalia:

  • The Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Investment Advisory Services
  • Belgian Association of Financial Analysts
  • Bulgarian Investment Managers Association
  • Croatian Association of Financial Analysts
  • Society of Finnish Financial Analysts
  • Society of Investment Professionals in Germany
  • Britain - Securities & Investment Institute
  • Greece - The Hellenic Association of Certified Stockmarket Analysts
  • Society of Hungarian Investment Analysts
  • Italian Financial Analysts Society
  • Institutions' Association of Kazakhstan
  • Latvian Association of Securities Market Professionals
  • Lithuania - Financial Analysts Association
  • Luxembourg Association of Portfolio Managers and Financial Analysts
  • Dutch Analysts Association
  • Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts
  • Polish Association of Brokers and Investment Advisers
  • Portuguese Association of Financial Analysts
  • Society of Financial Consultants and Analysts of Romania
  • Russia - The Guild of Investment and Financial Analysts
  • The Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts
  • The Swedish Society of Financial Analysts
  • The Swiss Society of Financial Analysts
  • Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts

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