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For other uses, see Efax (disambiguation).
Services Internet-based fax
Parent j2 Global, Inc.
Website www.efax.com

eFax is an Internet fax service of j2 Global for sending and receiving of fax documents in digital format rather than a traditional paper fax machine.

Subscribers may obtain features such as digital signatures, mobile applications, and large file sharing with a paid subscription.[1] eFax's services have been integrated into some HP printer models[2] and offered as an app for Microsoft Office 2013.[3]


The first service branded as eFax was created by British-born entrepreneur Mark Oglesby in early 1997, providing a service to integrate email with existing fax technology. Separately, eFax (trading under the domain name efax.com) began as a service of JetFax, Inc., which in the 1980s and 1990s manufactured and sold JetFax fax machines.[4] JetFax was founded by Lon Radin and Rudy Prince in 1988 and was recognized by some as the first company to develop the laser fax machine, replacing the heat-treated fax machines prominent in the 1980s.[5]

On February 8, 1999, JetFax changed its name to eFax.com, Inc. and began to offer the eFax online fax service.[6] During the dot-com bubble, the company's stock shot up, but fell during the bust and it ran out of funds. In late 2000, eFax.com was acquired by rival JFAX, which had offered a similar electronic fax service. Upon the purchase, the company changed its name to j2 Global Communications, Inc.[7] and then in 2011 to j2 Global, Inc.[8]

In August 2010, Hewlett-Packard introduced a new line of printers incorporating the eFax service.[2][9]

On March 15, 2011, j2 Global, Inc. obtained a US trademark granting the company exclusive rights for use of the term "eFax" in connection with Internet faxing services.[10]

In August 2012, Microsoft introduced the eFax app for Microsoft Word 2013.[3]

As of 2014, eFax is increasingly being used by organizations such as colleges (over 1,000 schools).[11]


In addition to basic online fax functionality, eFax allows for integration with email, phone, and cloud storage. Further features include keyword search, use of digital signatures, and encrypted fax.[12]

eFax has also developed smartphone apps for iPhone and Android which allow for direct faxing of photos and document scans taken from the mobile device.[12] Other app features include digital signature using fingerprint or picture, text editing, cover sheets, and PDF support.[13] The applications include paid features, but a free version is available with limited functionality.[14]


eFax offers multiple pricing models (eFax Plus and eFax Pro) for its online fax services, for individuals and businesses of different sizes and needs. It also offers multiple enterprise-level plans branded as eFax Corporate.[15]



eFax has received multiple Editors Choice awards from PC Magazine for its services and smartphone apps.[16][17] In September 2012, j2 Global appeared on the InformationWeek 500 list of technology companies.[18]

j2 Global's creative team has also won numerous Telly Awards for their work in promoting eFax and eVoice (a virtual phone service) in 2013[19] and 2014.[20]


Some eFax users have reported that they were billed even after they cancelled their accounts and that they were not issued a refund.[21][better reference needed] Another complaint involves geographic U.S. eFax telephone numbers not being subject to FCC porting requirements.[22] Other companies acquired by j2 Global (such as Onebox) have been the target of similar complaints, ranging from number portability to issues with its contract providing no refunds on early termination.

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