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eFileCabinet, Inc.
Industry Software, Document management
Founded 2001
Headquarters Lehi, Utah
Key people
Matt Peterson, President
Jeff Coulter, Chief Operating Officer
Products eFileCabinet 2015
eFileCabinet v4.0
eFileCabinet v5.0
Concentus Online Backup
SecureDrawer Portal
eFileCabinet Online
Website www.efilecabinet.com

eFileCabinet is a company headquartered in Lehi, UT which markets proprietary software to manage and store documents and records, either on-site or in the cloud.[1]

eFileCabinet was founded in 2001 by James Blaylock. eFileCabinet originally serviced clients in the accounting industry, where Blaylock worked before founding the company, but has since expanded to include other industries as well.[2]

As of January 27, 2015, eFileCabinet had over 149,000 users in industries such as healthcare, government, accounting, healthcare, and insurance.[3]


Founded in 2001, eFileCabinet started out as an internal product designed to store recoreds digitally at founder James Blaylock's accounting firm.[2]

Word began to spread about Blaylock's new software, and with that came demand for the software from other accounting firms. Blaylock founded eFileCabinet in 2001 in order to improve and market the software.[4]

In 2008, eFileCabinet received $1 million in venture capital from Canopy Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm. This infusion of cash in 2008 allowed eFileCabinet to expand from servicing only accounting firms to various other industries, including government, healthcare, finance, and insurance.[5]

On July 21, 2007, eFileCabinet announced that Matt Peterson would be replacing James Blaylock as president and CEO of the company. Peterson had previously been serving as COO of eFileCabinet since joining the company in January 2007. Blaylock moved to serve as chairman of the board.[6]


eFileCabinet offers a suite of services that provides integrated document management, which in turn creates a paperless office environment. Paperless office environments are generally viewed as more 'green' options for larger businesses.[7] eFileCabinet markets their services by saying they will make organization of documents smarter, swifter, and more collaborative. The company provides the services via proprietary software. These services are broken up into three categories: document management software, file storage, and a cloud version of the document management software.[3]

The separate software categories are branded as eFileCabinet Desktop, eFileCabinet ONline, and SecureDrawer File Sharing.

Awards and Reception[edit]

eFileCabinet has received generally positive reviews and numerous awards throughout the years.

eFileCabinet won a CPA Practice Advisor Readers' Choice award in 2012 for the cloud version of their proprietary software that released in 2011.[8]

The company has also been named to the Fastest Growing Companies list by Utah Valley Business Magazine in 2014 [9] and 2013.[10]

Chal Daniels, of Harvest Financial LLC, said in an article for Investment News that he appreciates how easy eFileCabinet's software is to use, its intuitive nature, and the fact that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other document management solutions.[11]

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