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CGI view of the plant

EG LNG (also known as Punta Europa LNG) is a LNG company that operates a liquid natural gas terminal and plant in Malabo, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. The LNG plant began operation in 2007 and the first cargo of LNG was delivered on 24 May 2007.[1]

LNG plant[edit]

The plant's Train 1 has a capacity of 3.4 million metric tonnes per annum. Several systems are in places such as feed gas metering, liquefaction, refrigeration, ethylene storage, boil off gas compression, product transfer to storage and LNG product metering.[2] The EG LNG plant utilizes the ConocoPhillips Optimized Cascade(SM) Process.[3]

EG LNG from the air

A planned second train will produce 4.4 million metric tonnes of LNG per annum. In addition to the construction of the second train, the US$3 billion project includes construction of three gas pipelines to connect Nigeria, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea gas fields with the LNG plant. In addition to the shareholders of the Train 1, Unión Fenosa Gas, a joint venture of Unión Fenosa and Eni, and E.ON will participate in this project.[4] As a result, Train 2's ownership structure will comprise of Sonagas 40%, Marathon 35%, Mitsui 8.5%, Marubeni 6.5%, Galp Energia 5% & Gas Natural Fenosa 5%. [5] Bechtel was awarded FEED for the second train in August 2006.[6]


The shareholders in EG LNG Co are:


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