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ELearnSecurity is a Computer security Professional certification training company. ELearnSecurity has differentiated itself by being one of the first companies to provide practical Penetration testing and Security training when compared to the Certified Ethical Hacker certification offered by EC-Council which was designed without a practical requirement. Its main competitors are The Hacking Dojo, Offensive Security's Offensive Security Certified Professional, The Hacker Academy and Security University, which all provide practical exams. All courses are distance learning courses delivered in e-learning format.


ELS currently offers five courses in computer security. They are the ELearnSecurity Penetration Testing Student and Professional courses, Web Application Penetration Testing Course, Advanced Reverse Engineering of Software Course, and the Practical Web Defense Course.

  • Penetration Testing Student

The Student course provides an introduction to the topics needed to a beginner to learn the subjects nessesary to prepare for a career in Penetration Testing, and includes an introduction to coding and Computer programming.

  • Penetration Testing Professional (PTP)

The eCPPT exam can be taken within 120 days from the date of enrollment in the Penetration Testing Professional.
The course is divided into three main knowledge domains covered by flash slides and video training:

  1. Web Application Security
  2. Network Security
  3. System Security
  • Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT)

This course provides training in the exploitation of Web Applications.

  • Advanced Reverse Engineering of Software (ARES)

This fundamental course teaches you the theoretical and practical knowledge required to perform advanced reverse engineering of software on assembly level in third party software and/or malware.

  • Practical Web Defense (PWD)

Practical Web Defense is a practical course about Web application defense against real-world attacks. A fully guided and practical course about how web applications are attacked in the real world and what you can do to mitigate each and every attack.

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