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EMI Latin
Parent company EMI Music
Genre Latin music
Country of origin United States
Official website Capital Latin

EMI Televisa Music, also known as EMI Latin and EMI International, is a subsidiary of EMI which focuses on Latin American music.

In 1989, Jose Behar, the former head of the Sony Music Latin division, signed Selena with EMI Latin, a record company founded by Behar. Selena became EMI Latin's first artist. Behar later said that the reason he signed Selena was because he thought he had discovered the next Gloria Estéfan.

Today, popular EMI Latin performers are basically those linked to EMI Televisa Music and Televisa Networks, such as Thalía and RBD, among others such as Maria Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser and Kudai.

Also there are reggaeton artists like DJ Flex and Tito el Bambino under this label.

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