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eScreeningz is an online browser-based timed testing service, founded in 2009, specializing in tests for Java developers that technically assess Java developer skillsets in a timed exam. The primary customer base for eScreeningz are Information Technology consulting firms and Information Technology resources recruiters.

Java exams in eScreeningz consist of 6 categories of Java topics out of an available 14 categories, called “exam flavors”. Multiple exams flavors can be used so that Java exams can be localized to individual hiring manager needs. A benchmarking model is utilized to provide clients a free method of determining the level of scoring required for Java test candidates to qualify for individual hiring manager expectations. eScreeningz utilizes an intelligent selection methodology, automatically increasing or decreasing the difficulty level of category questions based on the success of the candidate answering the previous category question. Pricing is based on a per-exam cost model.

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