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ET1 Logo (2008-2013)
Launched 23 February 1966
Closed 11 June 2013
Owned by ERT
Picture format 576i (PAL)
4:3, 16:9 (SDTV)
Audience share 0.6% (1/7/2013 - 7/7/2013, AGB)
Country Greece
Language Greek
Formerly called EIR (1966-1970)
EIRT (1970-1975)
ERT (1975-1987)
ET1 (1987-2013)
Sister channel(s) NET
ERT World
NOVA Greece Channel 102
OTE TV Channel 103
Streaming media
ERT Web TV Watch live

ET1 (Greek: Ελληνική Τηλεόραση 1) was the flagship television network of ERT, the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. It was launched in 1966 as EIR. It was mainly an entertainment channel that broadcasts various types of programming such as news, sports, cultural programmes, documentaries and children's shows.


Shows included:

  • Αrchontariki - Discussion about social issues with Metropolitan Dimitriados Ignatios and guests.
  • Η Εpochi Ton Eikonon (The image era) - Program dedicated to discussion and analysis of the Fine Arts, now in its 7th year, hosted by Katerina Zaxaropoulou.
  • Η Ζoi Einai Allou (Life is elsewhere) - Talkshow that is now in its 4th year, features guests from the arts, literature and the entertainment world, who talk about life and how they have escape the struggles of everyday life through their work. They describe the events and experiences that led them to a better life. Hosted by Evi Kuriakopoulou.
  • Κoinovoulio Aixmis – show about Greek parliament, where questions are posed to various political figures.
  • Μe Αreti Κai Τolmi (With virtuousness and daring) - Series about the military, in association with the Ministry of Defence.
  • Mediterraneo - Travel program that focuses on the Mediterranean region, examining the culture, history and the land of this vast & dynamic area.
  • Μonogramma (Monogram) - One of the longest running series on Greek Television, which has been on the air for over 25 years, is a biographical series that looks back on the lives of some of the best-known figures of our times. The series profiles individuals from the world of politics, the arts, religion and society in general. Presented by Stelios Sgourakis.
  • Mousiki Paradosi (Musical tradition) - Music programme that showcases traditional song and dance from all the regions in Greece. Hosted by Panagiotis Milonas.

Live sports[edit]


Shows from the UK

Disney Block

  • Cartoons (dubbed in Greek)
  • Ouranio Toxo (Rainbow) - Fairytales and educational activities with children, hosted by Christos Demopoulos, now in its 12th season.

Foreign series[edit]


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