ETX 3.0 specification

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Computer form factors
Listed by PCB size (mm)
WTX 356×425
AT 350×305
BTX 325×266
ATX 305×244
LPX 330×229
NLX 254×228
DTX 244×203
FlexATX 229×191
Mini-DTX 203×170
microATX 171×171
Mini-ITX 170×170
EPIC (Express) 165×115
Nano-ITX 120×120
COM Express basic 125×95
EBX 203×146
ETX / XTX 114×95
Pico-ITX 100×72
PC/104(-Plus) 96×90
COM Express compact 95×95
COM Express mini 55×84
mobile-ITX 60×60

ETX 3.0 Specification, stands for Embedded Technology eXtended, computer-on-module (COM) is a highly integrated and compact form factor (3.7 x 4.4 in.) (95 x 114 mm).

The ETX 3.0 specification offers all of the benefits of the original ETX standard while adding 2 Serial ATA interfaces. This is done without changing any of the ETX pin designations, making new modules 100 percent pin-to-pin compatible with previous versions. It ensures long-term support for the vast number of embedded application solutions based on these already highly integrated COMs including medical, gaming and entertainment, military and aerospace.

Modules designed according to the ETX 3.0 specification integrate two SATA ports via two slim line connectors designed onto the top side of the CPU Module in the vicinity of X4. The module or carrier board ETX connectors do not require any changes to take advantage of the faster SATA hard drives.


  • two SATA ports supported
  • 100 percent ETX pin-to-pin compliant
  • no carrier board changes
  • continued ISA support, along with Ethernet, USB 2.0, graphics, audio and other features
  • multivendor standard

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