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Eurelectric logo.png
Motto Electricity for Europe
Formation 1989 (1989)
Type sector association
Purpose to represent the common interests of the electricity industry at pan-European level
Headquarters Blvd. de l'Impératrice, 66
Region served
National power industry associations
Official language
Johannes Teyssen (E.ON)[1]
Vice President
Antonio Mexia[1]
Vice President
Henri Proglio[1]
Secretary General
Hans Ten Berge
Main organ
Board of Directors

Eurelectric (full name: The Union of the Electricity Industry-Eurelectric) is a sector association that represents the interests of the European electrical power industry.[2] Corporate members consist of electricity generation and distribution companies from most European nations.

Eurelectric was formally established in 1989.[3] It hosts an annual convention at which energy policy is debated and co-funds studies into energy policy. Eurelectric has been cited as an authority on European energy policy.[4][5]

Organizational structure[edit]

Eurelectric is led by a president and vice-president, who are elected to two-year terms, and a board of directors. The secretary-general leads the secretariat, which consists of six organizational units employing an international staff of approximately thirty people. There are five professional committees and approximately thirty working groups.[1]


The following national associations are full members (voting membership) of Eurelectric:

The following are affiliate members (non-voting membership):

  • European Affiliate Members
  • Mediterranean Affiliate Members
  • International Affiliate Members

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