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For the strategy computer game, see Europa Universalis III.
EU-3 ministers and Iran's top negotiator Hassan Rouhani, Sa'dabad Palace, Tehran, October 2003.
The foreign ministers from the EU three in 2006

The EU three (or EU 3, sometimes G-3) refers to France, Germany and the United Kingdom. These countries are considered great powers, with their influence within the European Union and outside it.[1] The EU 3 attempts to lead the policy of the EU, though more often as the G6 post-2004, and in particular, EU foreign policy:[2] for example when they led EU efforts attempting to cease the nuclear programme in Iran.

"EU 3 + 3" (also referred to as the "E3+3" or "E3/EU+3") refers to a grouping which includes the EU 3 and China, Russia, and the United States. It was coined when these states joined the diplomatic efforts with Iran in regard to its nuclear program. In the United States and Russia, it is more commonly known as P5+1, which refers to the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany.[3]

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