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EXo logo.png
Developer(s) eXo Platform SAS
Stable release 4.0 / 20 Jan 2014
Written in Java, Groovy, JavaEE Web Container
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Enterprise Social Platform, Social collaboration, Enterprise portal
License LGPL version 3 and proprietary
Website http://www.exoplatform.com/

eXo Platform is an open source, standard-based, Enterprise Social Platform[1] written in Java and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.


eXo Platform started in 2002 as an implementation of the JSR168 - Portlet API specification. Several introduction articles were then published between 2003 and 2005 on TheServerSide Java news website.[2][3] As a side effect, the eXo Platform Project grew into a company - eXo - in 2003, as a response to a customer demand, the U.S. Department of Defense (United States Joint Forces Command).[4]

Late 2005, eXo Platform v2 was released.[5][6] In 2006 eXo introduced the WebOS concept where an Enterprise Portal Layout could reproduce a Desktop UI.[7][8]

In 2009, eXo and Red Hat partnered to create GateIn Portal Framework[9] a portal framework. GateIn is used in eXo Platform since version 3.0.[10][11]

In 2010, eXo raised 4MEUR to create an Open Source Social Platform and grow internationally.[12][13]

In February 2013, eXo made a Spin Off - Codenvy - to target the Cloud IDE market.[14]

In May 2013, the 4th and current version of eXo Platform was introduced with a strong focus on Social Network and Social Integration capabilities.[15][16] Gartner, Lecko and other analyst firms have written about the software.[17][18][19] By December 2013, eXo went further in its evolution to a social enterprise platform and launched a cloud based intranet offer.[20]

In July 2014, eXo was selected as Project of the Month by Sourceforge.[21]

eXo is a global company with U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, California, global headquarters in France, and offices in Tunisia and Vietnam, and employs 125 people.


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