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Bishop of Ripon
Church Catholic
See Diocese of Ripon
In office c679–?
Predecessor new foundation
Personal details
Previous post Bishop of Lindsey

Eadhæd (or Eadhedus or Eadheath or Eadhaed) was a medieval Bishop of Lindsey and Bishop of Ripon.

He was a companion of Chad of Mercia.[1] He was consecrated in 678. He was expelled from Lindsey and was made Bishop of Ripon around 679.[2] This was part of the process whereby Bishop Wilfrid of York's large diocese was broken into three parts, with new bishoprics established at York, Hexham and Ripon.[3] Along with Eadhæd, Bosa was appointed to York and Eata was appointed to Hexham.[4][5] The medieval chronicler Bede, in his work Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum, barely mentions Eadhæd outside of the division of the diocese.[3] It appears that the see of Ripon was especially created to find a place for Eadhæd after his expulsion from Lindsey, for bishops were not usually appointed to that see.[6]


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