Eagle Point, Victoria

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Eagle Point, Victoria
Coordinates: 37°54′0″S 147°41′0″E / 37.90000°S 147.68333°E / -37.90000; 147.68333Coordinates: 37°54′0″S 147°41′0″E / 37.90000°S 147.68333°E / -37.90000; 147.68333
Country Australia
State Victoria
Shire East Gippsland

Eagle Point is a hamlet in Victoria, Australia within the Shire of East Gippsland on the Gippsland lakes, mostly on Lake King. It is known for its bushland and tourism.


The population of Eagle Point is 729 (2011 Census) It is made up of 47.9% males and 52.1% female. The Average Age is 55 years of age, 18 above the Australian Average.

83.5% of people living in Eagle Point were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were England 3.4%, New Zealand 1.5%, Germany 1.4%, Netherlands 1.4%, Bangladesh 0.5%.

93.5% of people speak English as their first language 0.7% Italian, 0.5% German, 0.4% Dutch, 0.4% Indonesian, 0.4% Serbian.

The religious make up of Eagle Point is 29.3% No Religion, 23.9% Anglican, 17.2% Catholic, 5.8% Uniting Church, 4.3% Presbyterian and Reformed.

55.6% of people are married, 21.5% have never married and 12.6% are separated or divorced. There are 48 widowed people living in Eagle Point.

50.5% of the people living in Eagle Point are employed full time, 39.5% are working on a part time basis. Eagle Point has an unemployment rate of 4.2%.


Eagle Point is served by a primary school,Eagle Point Primary School. It is situated on School Road and Eagle Point Rd. In 2010 It completed a redevolopment which included 2 new buildings.


Eagle Point is known for its tourism.[1] It has two caravan parks, Eagle Point Caravan Park[2] and Lake King Caravan Park. In fact some people refer to Eagle Point Caravan Park as just Eagle Point. Eagle Point's main attraction is the reserve. There were kangaroos but they all died. The other attraction is Lake King or The Mitchell River but Lake King is sometimes closed off to the public due to algae blooms.[3] They also have beachfront apartments to rent.


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