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Bishop of Sherborne
See Diocese of Sherborne
Appointed 824
Term ended 867
Predecessor Wigberht
Successor Heahmund
Consecration between 816 and 825
Personal details
Died 867
Denomination Catholic

Eahlstan (or Alfstan) was a medieval Bishop of Sherborne.

Eahlstan was consecrated between 816 and 825. He died in 867.[1] In 825, after the battle of Ellendun (Wroughton), he was sent by King Ecgberht of Wessex with an army into Kent.[2] In 855, when King Æthelwulf of Wessex was on the continent, the medieval chronicler Asser asserts that Eahlstan, along with Aethelbald of Wessex and Eanwulf, ealdorman of Somerset, conspired to keep the king from returning to England.[3]


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Bishop of Sherborne
c. 820–867
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