Earl and Edgar McGraw

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Earl and Edgar McGraw
From Dusk till Dawn, Kill Bill and Grindhouse characters
First appearance From Dusk till Dawn (Earl)
From Dusk Till Dawn 2 (Edgar)
Last appearance FDtD: The Series (Earl)
Grindhouse (Edgar)
Created by Earl:
Quentin Tarantino
Robert Kurtzman
Scott Spiegel
Boaz Yakin
Quentin Tarantino
Portrayed by Michael Parks (Earl, films)
Don Johnson (Earl, TV series)
James Parks (Edgar, films only)
Aliases Quick Draw McGraw (Earl)
Occupation Texas Rangers
Children Dr. Dakota McGraw Block (Earl's daughter)

Earl McGraw and his son Edgar McGraw are two fictional characters played by Michael Parks and James Parks. They appear in several feature films by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, including the From Dusk till Dawn franchise, Kill Bill Volume 1, and in various works from the Grindhouse project. Despite being killed off in his first appearance in From Dusk till Dawn, various characters named Earl and Edgar have returned in several other films from Rodriguez and Tarantino. Talking with a heavy Texas accent and delivering profanity laden dialogue, the Earl character often serves as comic relief. He and Edgar are consistently portrayed as Texas Rangers. Edgar is portrayed by James Parks, the real-life son of Michael Parks. He also has a daughter who is introduced in the Grindhouse films, named Dakota, played by Marley Shelton, who plays a large role in Planet Terror.


From Dusk till Dawn[edit]

Not much is known about the original version of Earl before his appearance in From Dusk till Dawn other than his career as a sheriff. Earl McGraw goes to a liquor store, where killers Seth and Richie Gecko are hiding. Before McGraw can leave, he is shot in the head by Richie, who mistakenly believed that the store's clerk whispered "help us" to McGraw.

This version of Earl had a son named Edgar who appears briefly in two scenes in the sequel film From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money. Bo Hopkins references Edgar's businesslike demeanor: "Oh, them Gecko brothers killed his daddy."

While Earl Mcgraw doesn't appear in From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter, Michael Parks portrays a fictionalized version of real life writer Ambrose Bierce as a main character throughout the film. Ambrose's relationship, if he has any, with Earl is unknown.

Kill Bill Vol. 1[edit]

Earl, alongside his son, Edgar, would appear in Kill Bill Vol. 1, where they investigate the massacre at the Two Pines Chapel, where 10 people have been brutally murdered. He soon discovers that the bride, Beatrix Kiddo, is still alive. In the film, he scolds his son, Edgar, for saying "goddamn" in a chapel, but then ironically is seen going into a profane rant himself.

Earl and Edgar are absent in Kill Bill Vol. 2, though the murder they investigated is set up as an important element in the film's story.

Grindhouse films[edit]

This incarnation of Earl would gain a more prominent spotlight to the point that his family is introduced beyond his son Edgar in this universe. During the Grindhouse segment Planet Terror, Earl McGraw is forced to kill his wife Ramona after she turns into a zombie, while Dakota takes refuge in his house. McGraw also helps survivors gather and fight, as well as staying behind to fight off the zombie attack while the others escape. He reappears near the end, where he saves Dakota by killing her infected husband, Doctor Block.

In the Grindhouse segment, Death Proof, Earl, accompanied by Edgar, visits a hospital after Stuntman Mike's first attack. He is the only person aware of the fact that Stuntman Mike was responsible for the deaths of five girls, but Mike is cleared of all charges because the girls were intoxicated. Although he can't formally arrest him, Earl does however run Mike out of Texas.

Edgar McGraw appears making out with Sartina's sister in a deleted scene featured on the Machete Blu-ray and DVD releases.


From Dusk till Dawn: The Series[edit]

A new version of Earl McGraw appears in the television series From Dusk till Dawn: The Series, based on the film series, played by Don Johnson.[1]


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