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Earle Howard (born June 3, 1904) was an American jazz guitarist, pianist, and vocalist.

Howard was raised in New York City, attending the same high school as Fats Waller. Around the same time Howard played in a youth ensemble which featured Charlie Irvis, Benny Morton, and Benny Carter. He led his own seven-piece band in 1923, and a nine-piece in 1924 called the Whispering Serenaders. He toured and played locally in nightclubs through the end of the decade, playing with Bill Benford and continuing to lead his own ensembles.

Howard acted as musical director for Percy Nelson in 1933-34, then toured South America with Jimmy Ferguson while he performed under the stage name Baron Lee. He played in the Blackbirds Revue in New York City and also worked with Leon Abbey in the 1940s.

Some time in the 1950s Howard moved to Europe, where he performed mostly as a solo artist. He moved frequently there and held residencies in several countries. His date of death is unknown.