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EarthShare is a national federation that supports American environmental and conservation charities. Its stated mission is to engage individuals and organizations in creating a healthy and sustainable environment, by promoting environmental awareness and raising funds primarily through employee workplace giving.

EarthShare was founded in 1988 and currently supports more than 400 environmental and conservation nonprofits, including 39 national organizations, as well as EarthShare affiliates in 18 states (e.g., EarthShare of New York, EarthShare of New England, EarthShare of Texas). EarthShare member charities are required to meet a number of eligibility criteria. These include meeting Combined Federal Campaign requirements, spending more than 50% of their budget on environmental or conservation programs, and not advocating illegal direct action.[1]

EarthShare has produced one of the largest environmental public service advertising media campaigns in history. Since 1992, actor and conservationist Harrison Ford lent his voice to EarthShare's public service messages promoting environmental involvement and support of environmental and conservation charities.

Charity Navigator gives EarthShare national a combined rating of three out of four stars.[2] It meets all 20 Standards for Charity Accountability and is a Seal Holder from the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance.[3]

EarthShare provides several opportunities for individuals and corporations to contribute monetary donations and volunteer work hours towards charities of their choosing.

Workplace Partnerships Program: Through the workplace partnerships program, hundreds of workplaces across the country partner with EarthShare and its state affiliates to offer their employees environmental choices in their annual workplace giving campaigns. EarthShare teams will work with leaders to establish tailored programs for individuals to large corporations to foster corporate social responsibility (CSR).

G@TO: Give @ The Office is an online pledging program that gives individual employees opportunities to support the causes they desire through setting up secure automatic monetary donations from payroll or one-time credit card donations. G@TO initiatives can be set up by company representatives to provide a portal for employee participation in donation efforts.

Corporate Green Team Forums and Networks: Green windowGreen Teams have evolved in large and small workplaces across the country as companies seek to increase their profitability, make their businesses more sustainable, and enhance their reputations. To support these initiatives, EarthShare started convening Green Team Forums in local communities throughout the country. These forums connect busy professionals to share best practices in corporate sustainability and create a strong network of like minded people. Sustainability and environmental leaders use our Green Team Networks to educate each other and candidly discuss the environmental issues affecting today’s workplace.

Green Team Networks are free to determine their collective interests and set agendas for discussion. Network members typically host meetings on a rotating basis, giving participants an opportunity to learn how other companies are addressing core concerns and opportunities over time.

EarthShare Volunteer Matters 365: EarthShare has developed a widget which can be accessed via the website or by embedding it into corporate web portals. the Volunteer Matters 365 widget connects staff with volunteer opportunities offered by EarthShare member charities and state affiliates across the country. EarthShare will also provide a personalized version of this widget at no cost to workplace partners.

VM365 features:

  • Geographical searches for volunteer opportunities in the U.S. and Canada
  • Branding and customizing options for your company, including the ability to select your charity options
  • Promotion and highlighting of your company-sponsored activities and corporate events in search results
  • Ability to integrate with calendar and social networking tools

EarthShare Impact Awards: Now in its third year, the EarthShare Impact Awards have delivered more than $175,000 to environmental and conservation programs across the country while providing positive brand exposure for both their corporate and charity partners.

How The Program Works:

  • EarthShare works closely with a Sponsor to choose the environmental issue area that best matches Sponsor's philanthropic and business objectives. Examples include: clean water, children and nature, wildlife habitat, renewable energy, urban greening, and health and the environment. The extensive coverage of EarthShare member groups allows issue areas to be national in scope or targeted to specific geographic areas.
  • Within the chosen issue area EarthShare proposes member groups and specific programs that fit best with the Sponsor's brand and messaging platform, and that are likely to have high appeal to customers.
  • Sponsor employs its own online voting application or works with EarthShare to implement EarthShare's voting platform (samples: Facebook version; microsite version).
  • Outreach efforts are coordinated to engage Sponsor's customers, Recipients' supporters, and EarthShare's online audience in a concentrated one-month period. Participating member groups play a key role in encouraging their supporters to vote.
  • Funds are distributed in proportion to votes received.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Access to a diverse group of more than 500 pre-screened environmental groups within the EarthShare network, allowing issue areas to be tailored to a Sponsor's needs.
  • Outreach to Sponsor's own customers and participation in the promotional efforts of environmental groups to their members and EarthShare's audience of 350K monthly website visitors. Collectively, EarthShare member groups have more than 10 million direct supporters.
  • Heightened awareness of the Sponsor's goals and messages. Sponsors work closely with the EarthShare marketing team to develop creative outreach programs.
  • Sharing and engagement in diverse social media platforms.
  • Employee engagement. If desired, Sponsor's employees can help to refine issue areas and chose potential recipients. EarthShare is one of the country's leading advisers on employee engagement programs.
  • EarthShare publicizes the awards and the winners via its website, press releases, and twice monthly e-newsletter; to its Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube communities; and by managing and facilitating all participating member group outreach.

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