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Earthbound Farm is an American farm located near San Juan Bautista, California. It is America's largest grower of organic produce.[1] It was also the first company to produce prewashed, packaged salad greens on an industrial scale.[2] Earthbound Farm was founded in 1984 by Drew and Myra Goodman, on a 2.5 acres (10,000 m2) farm in California’s Carmel Valley.[3][4] After 25 years, the company now employs 150 farmers on 30,000 acres (120,000,000 m2).[1] In The Omnivore's Dilemma, Michael Pollan referred to Earthbound Farm as "a company that arguably represents industrial organic farming at its best."[5]

In 2013, Earthbound Farm was acquired by WhiteWave Foods, maker of Horizon Organic milk.[6]


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