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Eason is a surname and a given name which may refer to:


  • Alec Eason (1889-1956), Australian rules footballer
  • Andre Eason (born 1975), American boxer
  • B. Reeves Eason (1886-1956), American film director, actor and screenwriter
  • B. Reeves Eason, Jr. (1914-1921), American child actor, son of the above
  • Bill Eason (1882-1957), Australian rules footballer
  • Bo Eason (born 1960), American retired National Football League safety
  • Cassandra Eason, British author
  • Cordera Eason (born 1987), American football running back
  • Doc Eason (born 1947), American magician
  • Eric Eason, American film director and screenwriter
  • Eugene Eason (1928-2007), American businessman and politician
  • Herbert Lightfoot Eason (1874-1949), British ophthalmic surgeon and Vice Chancellor of the University of London
  • Jamie Eason (born 1976), American fitness model and writer
  • Jim Eason, American radio personality
  • Mal Eason (1879-1970), American baseball pitcher and umpire
  • Nick Eason (born 1980), American former National Football League defensive end and current assistant coach
  • Roger Eason (1918-1988), American National Football League player
  • Tony Eason (born 1959), American retired National Football League quarterback
  • Ursula Eason (1910-1993), BBC radio broadcaster, television producer and administrator

Given name[edit]

  • Eason Chan (born 1974), Hong Kong singer and actor
  • Eason Jordan, American businessman and former CNN chief news executive
  • Eason Ramson (born 1956), American former National Football League tight end

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