East (play)

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Written by Steven Berkoff
Date premiered 1975
Place premiered Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
Original language English
Genre Drama
Setting London's East End
Steven Berkoff - East Official site

East is a 1975 verse play by Steven Berkoff, dealing with growing up and rites of passage in London's rough East End.[1]

The play was premiered at the Edinburgh Festival at the Traverse in 1975.[2]

The 25th anniversary production, produced by Steven Berkoff's East Productions and Marc Sinden and starring Tanya Franks, started at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley. The tour included the Edinburgh Festival (winning the Stage Award for Best Ensemble work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe) and the Théâtre de Silvia Monfort, Paris. It opened at London's Vaudeville Theatre on 15 September 1999 where the DVD of the production was filmed in front of a live audience.[3][4]


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