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For the British railway operator, see East Coast (train operating company).
East Coast Railway
East Coast Railway-15
East Coast Railway division Montage of Indian Railways.png
East Coast Railway Montage clockwise from top left: Shortened form of East Coast Railway Zone, A train crossing Mahanadi river at Cuttack, View of Visakhapatnam railway station, An Express and Freight trains at Alamanda, Vizianagaram, East Coast Railway Zonal Headquarters at Bhubaneswar, Cuttack railway station, Brahmapur railway station
Locale Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh
Dates of operation 1st April 2003–
Headquarters Bhubaneswar Railway Station
Website ECoR official website
Vishakapatnam Junction is the busiest railway station of East Coast Railway Zone

The East Coast Railway (ECoR) is one of the sixteen railway zones of Indian Railways. It came into existence on 1 April 2003. As the name suggests, most of the railway routes of the zone are near the east coast of India.


Consequent upon the parliament’s approval, East Coast Railway was first out of the seven new zones to be inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Sri H.H. Devegowda on 08.08.1996. The Officer-on-Special Duty took over charge of the newly declared Zone on 16th September,1996. Initially, only one division namely Khurda Road was attached to this railway. Subsequently the zone became fully operational with effect from 01.04.2003.

East Coast Railway was first of the seven new zones inaugurated on 8 August 1996. Initially, only one division, Khurda Road, was attached to this railway. The zone became fully operational with effect from 1 April 2003 with three divisions — Khurda Road, Visakhapatnam, and Sambalpur. Visakhapatnam will be delinked with the east coast railway in order to include in south east coast railway once the new railwayzone is formed after the appointed date of AP bifurcation.


The geographical jurisdiction of East Coast Railway zone extends over three states encompassing almost all of Odisha along with parts of Srikakulam, Vizainagaram and Visakhapatnam districts of northeastern Andhra Pradesh and Bastar and Dantewada districts of Chhatisgarh state. The zonal headquarters is at Bhubaneswar in Odisha.

The zone has three divisions: Sambalpur, Khurda Road and Waltair.


The East Coast Railway line integrated with the commissioned Howrah-Chennai electrified trunk route on 29 November 2005. There was a missing link between Kharagpur and Visakhapatnam stations and all trains from Howrah towards Chennai side had to undergo a locomotive change from electric to diesel at Kharagpur and vice versa at Visakhapatnam in order to pass through Odisha. Even trains from New Delhi such as the Bhubaneswar Rajdhani had to undergo the change at Kharagpur. This frequent loco change on a trunk route became a time consuming & inconvenient process. With electrification along the 765km Kharagpur-Visakhapatnam stretch, trains got speeded up and the need for double headed diesels for high speed express trains was eliminated thus saving on diesel consumption and a cleaner travel. Additionally the line branching off Khurda road towards Puri was also electrified. As of now, Cuttack-Paradeep and branch line from Jakhapura towards Barbil are electrified too.

Major railway stations[edit]

The major railway stations in the entire zone are Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Sambalpur, Khurda Road, Puri, Bhubaneswar, Balasore, Bhadrak, Berhampur, Cuttack, Rayagada, Koraput, Titlagarh. Most of the major stations fall in the state of Odisha as a major part of Andhra Pradesh stations are under South Central Railways and not East Coast Railways.

Trains of East Coast Railway[edit]

  • Bhubaneswar- New Delhi Duronto (12281/12282)
  • Bhubaneswar- New Delhi Rajdhani Daily(22811 and 22823)
  • Bhubaneswar- New Delhi Odisha Sampark Kranti (12819)
  • Puri - New delhi Purushottam Express Daily(12801)
  • Puri- New Delhi Neelanchal Express (12875)
  • Puri- New Delhi Nandan Kannan Express (12815)
  • Puri- Haridwar Kalinga Utkal Express Daily(18477)
  • Bhubaneswar- New Delhi Via (Rourkela) Weekly(22805)
  • Bhubaneswar- Howrah Jan Shatabadi Except Sunday(12074)
  • Puri- Howrah Shatabdi Express Except Wednesday (12278)
  • Samudra Kanya Express Puri- Digha weekly(22890)
  • Puri- Howrah Garib Rath BiWeekly(12882)
  • Sri Jagannath Express Puri- Howrah Daily(18410)
  • Puri- Digha Express Weekly(22878)
  • Visakhapatnam - Digha Express Weekly(22874)
  • Baidyanath Dham Express Puri- Patna Weekly(18449)
  • Bhubaneswar - Chennai Express Weekly(12830)
  • Puri - Chennai Express Weekly(22859)
  • Bhubaneswar- Puducherry Weekly(12898)
  • Bhubaneswar- Rameswaram Weekly(18496)
  • Puri - Yeshvantpur Garib Rath Weekly(22883)
  • Bhubaneswar - Yesvantpur Weekly (12845)
  • Bhubaneswar - Bangalore City Prashanthi Express Daily(18463)
  • Puri - Ahmedabad Express Four times weekly(12843)
  • Puri - Surat weekly (22827)
  • Puri - Ahmedabad Express Weekly(18405)
  • Puri - Durg Express Daily(18425)
  • Puri - Sambalpur Intercity Daily(18304)
  • Puri - Hatia Tapaswini Express Daily (18452)
  • Puri - Mumbai LTT Weekly (22866)
  • Bhubaneswar - Mumbai LTT Biweekly (12880)
  • Bhubaneswar - Rourkela Rajya Rani express(18418)
  • Bhubaneswar - Rourkela Intercity express (18105/18106)
  • Bhubaneswar - Balangir express Daily (12893)
  • Bhubaneswar - Dhanbad Garib Rath Weekly(12832)
  • Puri - Ajmer Bi weekly (18421)
  • Puri - Sai nagar shirdi Weekly(18407)
  • Puri - Jodhpur Weekly (18473)
  • Bhubaneswar - Pune Weekly (22882)
  • Bhubaneswar - Tirupati Weekly (22871 and 22879)
  • Bhubaneswar - Visakhapatnam Intercity Daily(18411)
  • Puri - Okha Dwarka Express Weekly (18401)
  • Visakhapatnam - Amritsar Hirakud Express Tri Weekly (18507)
  • Tata Nagar - Visakhapatnam Weekly (18515)
  • Janmabhoomi Express Visakhapatnam- Secunderabad Daily (12805)
  • Visakhapatnam - Hazrat Nizamudin Link express Daily (12861)
  • Visakhapatnam - Hazur sahib Nanded Tri weekly (18509)
  • Visakhapatnam - H Nizamuddin swarna jayanti express Bi Weekly (12803)
  • Visakhapatnam - Sai Nagar Shirdi Weekly(18503)
  • Sambalpur - Hazur Sahib Nanded tri Weekly Nagavali Express(18309)
  • Visakhapatnam- Chennai Weekly Express (22869)
  • Visakhapatnam - Gandhi dham Weekly (18501)
  • Visakhapatnam - Kollam Weekly (18567)
  • Visakhapatnam - Mumbai LTT Daily (18519)
  • Puri-Barbil Intercity Express (18415)

Units of East Coast Railway[edit]

  • Diesel Loco Shed, Visakhapatnam
  • Electrical Loco Shed Visakhapatnam
  • Carriage Repair Workshop - Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar
  • No MEMU, EMU car shed

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East Coast Railway zone has about 273 railway stations.

Division Track kilometre Route kilometre Electrified Track kilometre Electrified Route kilometre;
Khurda Road 1,976 834 1,965 834
Sambalpur 1,116 740
Waltair 2,122 1,103 1,406 709
Total 5,214 2,677 3,371 1,543

Railway lines under ECoRly[edit]

ECoR has only 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) broad gauge railway tracks.

  1. Bhadrak-Khurda Road-Visakhapatnam-Duvvada Double line [87 railway stations]
  2. Nergundi Junction-Talcher Double line [19 railway stations]
  3. Vizianagaram-khariar road Double line [35 railway stations]
  4. Cuttack-Paradip Double line [10 railway stations]
  5. Khurda Road-Puri Double line [09 railway stations]
  6. sambalpur-Talcher Double line [13 railway stations]
  7. Titlagarh-Jharsuguda Single line [22 railway stations]
  8. Kothavalasa–Kirandul single line [45 railway stations]
  9. Rayagada-Koraput Single line [14 railway stations]
  10. Naupada-Gunupur Single line [15 railway stations]
  11. Bobbili-Salur Single line [04 railway station]

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