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  East End / Green Line
Type Light rail/Streetcar[1]
System METRORail
Status Under construction
Locale Houston, Texas
Termini Smith Station (west)
Altic/Howard Hughes Station (east)
Magnolia Transit Center Station (east, planned)
Stations 7 (under construction)
2 (planned)
Opening December 2014 (planned)[2]
Operator(s) METRO
Character Street running downtown, exclusive right-of-way elsewhere
Line length 3.3 mi (5.3 km) (when complete)[3]
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Electrification Overhead cantenary
Highest elevation Street level until Altic/Howard Hughes (current eastern terminus)

The East End/Green Line[4][5] is an under construction 3.3 mi (5.3 km)[6] METRORail light rail/streetcar[1] line that will be designed, constructed, and operated by METRO in Houston, Texas. The first seven-station segment of this line is currently undergoing testing and is expected to open in December 2014.[2] The two-station eastern end of this route has been delayed, and is not expected to open before 2016, at the earliest.


The East End/Green Line begins at its northern terminus at Smith Street Station, which is also a part of the Southeast/Purple Line, but is shared between the two lines to provide transfers. In downtown, the northbound track will run along Capitol Street, while its southbound counterpart will run down Rusk Street. Both of these downtown sections involve street running in mixed traffic like a traditional streetcar line.[1] Four of the line's stations will be in downtown with stops at Smith, Main, Fannin, and Crawford. Transfers to the Red Line will occur at the Fannin Station. Before crossing US 59 the 2 tracks converge to run together on Texas into the East End. From here, both lines run to EaDo/Stadium Station just east of downtown. This station is shared with the Southeast/Purple Line to allow transfer between the two lines, and to provide access to the BBVA Compass Stadium, where the Houston Dynamo soccer team plays. East of EaDo/Stadium Station, the East End/Green Line and the Southeast/Purple Line diverge, with the Southeast Line turning south, while the East End Line continues east.

Traveling eastward, the line continues on Harrisburg for its entire duration, making stops at York, Lockwood, and Altic/Howard Hughes Station, the line's current eastern terminus.

In the future, a six-block long bridge will carry the line over freight rail tracks located on Harrisburg and Hughes, continuing onward to César Chávez/67th Street Station, with the eastern terminus at the Magnolia Transit Center. This portion of the East End/Green Line is currently in the planning stages.


Phase I of construction is due to be completed by Winter 2012, and Phase II commenced April 2010, with a new completion date of 2014.[7]


As early as about a month after construction began for this line, it has been reported that there exists opposition to this line, particularly because of the installation of the six-block long bridge meant to avoid the freight railroad at the east end of the line.[8] Further opposition to this line has arisen as people have begun to notice a loss in business in areas where construction is taking place.[9] Subsequently, Metro has since decided to build the western portion of the line in the meantime, while the construction of the portion of the line between Altic/Howard Hughes Station and Magnolia Transit Center Station has been deferred. The western segment scheduled to open in 2014.

An overpass segment meant to avoid the freight railroad track and to complete the line between Altic/Howard Hughes Station and Magnolia Transit Center is likely to take at least two to three years to complete, and is only in the planning states as of 2014.[10][11][12]


The following is a list of planned stations for the East End Line, listed in order from west to east:[13]

East End/Green Line
Theater District
Central Station Main*
Convention District
Coffee Plant/Second Ward
Altic/Howard Hughes
César Chávez/67th Street (planned)
Magnolia Park (planned)

*Note: Station shared with Red Line to provide transfers between the two lines

**Note: Station shared with Southeast/Purple Line to provide transfers between the two lines


A possible expansion for the line would bring it south from the Magnolia Transit Center to converge with the Southeast/Purple Line at a station yet to be named, and moving along the same right-of-way to Hobby Airport.[14]

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