East High School (Buffalo, New York)

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East High School
East High in Spring 2012
820 Northampton Street
Buffalo, NY
Humboldt Park
Buffalo, New York, Erie County, 14211
United States
Type Public, Coeducational
Status Priority School
School district Buffalo Public Schools
School number 307
Principal Casey M. Young-Welch
Assistant principals Craig M. Brodnicki
Maria M. Conrad
Grades 9-12
Campus type Urban
Color(s) Black and Gold          
Team name Panthers

East High School is a comprehensive high school located in the East Side of Buffalo, New York. It serves 476 students from Grades 9-12.[1] The current principal is Dr. Casey Young, and the current assistant principals are Mr. Craig Brodnicki and Ms. Maria Conrad.


East High School (originally known as "East Side High School") was constructed in 1926 and opened in 1927. The building was a neighborhood school that served the Lower East Side families. The building became a symbol of rising demographic changes in the East Side when increasing numbers of African-Americans joined the student enrollment. In 1954, as part of a large redistricting initiative by the Buffalo Board of Education, East High's boundaries were redrawn so that it became "Buffalo's Negro high school".[2]

In 1977, the school was closed due to a federal desegregation order[3] and became Buffalo Vocational Technical Center, where students took vocational and career-oriented classes in addition to the core academics at their regular high school. This also allowed the school to become an annex to Kensington, Riverside, and Emerson High Schools.[3] The school was close to being closed and transformed into an elementary/middle school campus in 1999, but that decision was revoked by the Buffalo Board of Education due to mounting public pressure.[4] In 2002, the Vocational center was ultimately closed,[5] and the building re-opened in 2005 once again as East High School.[6]

In the spring of 2011, it was proposed that the current principal be replaced and the school would become an all-male school. Although the principal was place on assignment within the district offices, there are no known plans to change the schools' enrollment demographics at this time.

Former principals[edit]

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

  • Mr. Charles J. Costello–1927-1948 (Vice Principal - Hutchinson Central Technical High School, retired)
  • Mr. Victor J. Kless–1948-1952 (Vice Principal - East High School, died)
  • Mr. William H. Davenport–1952-1961 (Vice Principal - Kensington High School, retired)
  • Dr. Robert J. Rentz–1961-1969 (Vice Principal - East High School, retired[7])
  • Mr. Alonzo W. Thompson–1969-1975 (Principal - Clinton Junior High School, named Director of Buffalo Public Schools' Office of Affirmative Action[8])
  • Mr. William D. Bennett–1975-1977 (Director of Student Activities - East High School, named Principal of Buffalo Vocational Technical Center[9])
  • Ms. Geraldine Horton–2005-2011 (Principal - Buffalo Traditional School, named Supervising Principal of Buffalo Public Schools)

*Denotes interim appointment

Famous alumni[edit]


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