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East Ilsley's village pond.

East Ilsley is a village and civil parish in the English county of Berkshire. It is situated at grid reference SU492811 in West Berkshire, north of Newbury very close to the A34 road which bypasses the village.


East Ilsley was served by Compton railway station but this closed in 1962. From 18 February 2013, East Ilsley is served by Newbury and District bus services 6 and 6A from Newbury.[1]

Sheep market[edit]

In 1620 East Ilsley was granted a charter to hold a sheep market in the village, this became the second largest sheep market, after Smithfield, London.

Battle of Ashdown[edit]

There is also a West Ilsley nearby. Either West Ilsley or East Ilsley may have been the site of the Battle of Ashdown (Alfred the Great's victory against the Danes), the etymology of the name Ilsley is that it may be derived from Hilde-Laege which means "Place of Conflict."

Racehorse training[edit]

Racehorses have been trained at East Ilsley for about 200 years .[2]


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